25 Spring Nail Trends + Tutorials

New spring nail trends are popping up with hints of neon, pretty pale, and the tried and true geometric. Personally, one of the styles I’m most excited about is the braided nails, but they’re all pretty fun. Which style has caught your eye this spring?

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    25 Spring Nails + Tutorials
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  • Outlined in Neon 2 of 26
    Outlined in Neon
    Put a simple color as the base and brighten it all up with a neon outline.
    Find out more at Love Maegan.
  • Abstract Floral 3 of 26
    Abstract Floral
    Use a nail brush to achieve this fun spring look.
    Find out more at Quiet Lion Creations.
  • Acid Wash Tie-Dye 4 of 26
    Acid Wash Tie-Dye
    Wow your friends with this fresh new look.
    Find out more at This Fashion is Mine.
  • Braided Nails 5 of 26
    Braided Nails
    Use a brush and follow the gift to help you make these braided nails.
    Get the tutorial at Pshiiit.
  • Solids and Patterns 6 of 26
    Solids and Patterns
    These are great spring nail that will have people stopping to take a second look.
    Find out more at Flower Child Treasures.
  • Lace Tip 7 of 26
    Lace Tip
    Find out how to achieve this runway look.
    Find out more at Lines Across Reviews.
  • Hint of Neon 8 of 26
    Hint of Neon
    Instead of going all out with neon, just add a few subtle dots.
    Find out more at Guapizimo.
  • Southwestern Triangles 9 of 26
    Southwestern Triangles
    You can't go wrong with some geometric triangles, especially in these colors.
    Get the tutorial at Oh So Pretty.
  • Colorblock and Sparkles 10 of 26
    Colorblock and Sparkles
    Paint each half of your nail a different color and fun glitter down the middle.
    Get the tutorial at The Stylish Housewife.
  • Half and Half 11 of 26
    Half and Half
    Divide your nails up with two different colors.
    Find out more at The Stylish Housewife.
  • Nails with an Edge 12 of 26
    Nails with an Edge
    See the steps for creating this unique look.
    Find out more at Beauty High.
  • Single Stripes 13 of 26
    Single Stripes
    Do a single stripe down the middle of each nail in a bright color.
    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.
  • Half Moon with Studs 14 of 26
    Half Moon with Studs
    Create this half moon look and top with studs.
    Find out more at This Fashion is Mine .
  • Indie Nails 15 of 26
    Indie Nails
    Use a solid nail polish and dress it up with a glitter indie nail polish.
    Get the tutorial at Offbeat and Inspired.
  • Ombre 16 of 26
    Make an ombre sequence across your nails and add a shimmer in there to spice things up.
    Find out more at The Stylish Housewife.
  • Chevron and Metallics 17 of 26
    Chevron and Metallics
    Chevron has been a hot look, so add some extra style by painting it with metallic.
    Find out more at Burkatron.
  • Glitter Dipped 18 of 26
    Glitter Dipped
    Give a little texture to your nails by adding sparkles to the tip.
    Find out more at Acquiring the Taste.
  • Baby Bows 19 of 26
    Baby Bows
    Learn how to make a French bow manicure.
    Find out more at Burkatron.
  • Monochrome Mix and Match 20 of 26
    Monochrome Mix and Match
    Have fun with your nails by painting each one a little different in black and white.
    Find out more at This Fashion is Mine.
  • Fading Polka Dots 21 of 26
    Fading Polka Dots
    I love this tutorial because they also look like dreamy balloons.
    Get the tutorial at Apartment 2f Blog.
  • Polka Dots Down Low 22 of 26
    Polka Dots Down Low
    Instead of painting polka dots all over, keep them clustered towards the bottom of your finger.
    Find out more at Lovely Indeed.
  • Homemade Nail Wraps 23 of 26
    Homemade Nail Wraps
    Make homemade nail wraps using ziplock bags to get this marbleized look.
    Find out more at Quiet Lion Creations.
  • Dreamcatcher Nails 24 of 26
    Dreamcatcher Nails
    Paint heart dreamcatchers on your nails, complete with feathers.
    Find out more at The Daily Polish.
  • Cherry Blossoms 25 of 26
    Cherry Blossoms
    Paint cherry blossom nails and change up the flowers for a different look.
    Find out more at Love Maegan.
  • Pale is In 26 of 26
    Pale is In
    Pale is in this season, so hop on the trend with these nails.
    Get the tutorial at Love Maegan.

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