25 Stunning Summer Homes

These stunning summer homes will have you double checking your bank account on the off chance there’s several millions dollars just sitting there. From modern architecture to traditional, these summer getaways will have you itching to move in. There are luxurious mansions owned by the rich and famous and others more modest in size – but definitely not lacking in style, location, or beauty. Check out all the amazing abodes in the 25 Stunning Summer Homes…

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  • Malibu Modern 2 of 26

    This gorgeous spa like retreat sits on the beach with massive windows to enjoy the view.
    Check it out at Shubin + Donaldson.

  • Santa Monica Beauty 3 of 26

    If you make it passed the beautify interior out to the pool, you're just a few short steps from the ocean.
    Find out more at Desire to Inspire.

  • Modern Tree House 4 of 26

    Watch the waves crash against the shore in Australia.
    Check it out at Jackson Clements Burrows.

  • Massive Malibu 5 of 26

    The views and the size of this home are enormous. Plus there is a giant courtyard you can relax and watch the sunset.
    Find out more at Freshome.

  • Jersey Shore 6 of 26

    A Jersey home with beach views and room for the kids and grandkids.
    Find out more at NJ Monthly.

  • Brazilian Wonder 7 of 26

    A modern beach house nestled between a rainforest and a beach in Brazil.
    Spotted at Desire to Inspire.

  • Nantucket Beach Home 8 of 26

    You are in luck because this beach home can be yours for $10.8 million.
    Find out more at Pricey Pads.

  • Laguna Beach 9 of 26

    A gorgeous modern home overlooking Laguna Beach with $6 million views.
    Find out more at 1 Kindesign.

  • Mid Century in Malibu 10 of 26

    Overlook the beach in mid century style for $5,695,000.
    Find out more at Take Sunset.

  • Florida Mediterranean 11 of 26

    Water on both sides of this giant home in Fort Lauderdale.
    Find out more at Tony Hammer.

  • Island Included 12 of 26

    Why settle for just a beach house when you can have your own island for $15.8 million.
    Find out more at

  • Cronkite’s Colonial 13 of 26

    Walter Cronkite's summer home in Martha's Vineyard could have been your for $12.25 million.
    Find out more at NY Times.

  • Glass Beach House 14 of 26

    Walls of windows to look out of this Malibu home for $18,495,000.
    Find out more at Take Sunset.

  • Hammersmith Farm 15 of 26

    Jackie Kennedy's childhood home was also the site of her wedding to JFK and the summer White House while he was in office.
    Find out more at Belle on Heels.

  • Home by the Sea 16 of 26

    Relax in the south of France off the sea in this incredible white house.
    Find out more at SF Girl by Bay.

  • Modern Cottage 17 of 26

    This modern cottage in Malibu is off the beach and only $7.5 million.
    Find out more at Take Sunset.

  • New Zealand Modern 18 of 26

    Imagine drinking a coffee in any room in this house.
    Find out more at Bossley Architects.

  • Kate Spade’s Pad 19 of 26

    Buy Kate Spade's Southampton home for $4.75 million.
    Find out more at Fox News.

  • Fair Acres 20 of 26

    A traditional summer home that offers a walk to the water, bike to the beaches, and view of a golf course in Quogue, NY for $8.25 million.
    Find out more at Luxist.

  • Waterfall Bay 21 of 26

    Set along a bay and amongst the trees in New Zealand makes for one stunning getaway.
    Find out more at Bossley Architects.

  • Lakeside Cove 22 of 26

    Stunning woodsy summer home on Lake Tahoe for $28.5 million.
    Find out more at Luxury Living at Lake Tahoe.

  • Rocky Oaks Estate 23 of 26

    Elevated in the Santa Monica Mountains you will find a Tuscan villa on 37 acres with vineyards for a mere $65 million.
    Find out more at Malibu Rocky Oaks.

  • Stone Mansion 24 of 26

    Eight miles outside of New York City you will find an epic 30,000 square foot mansion that was once listed for $56 million.
    Find out more at Alpine Mansion.

  • Rancho Dos Pueblos 25 of 26

    Boasting a massive 2,190 acres you have access to the beach and mountains in this Santa Barbara ranch escape for a cool $79 million.
    Find out more at Coastal Ranch.

  • Porcupine Creek 26 of 26

    This 249 acre golf course estate sold in Ranch Mirage for $42.9 million after originally being list for $75 million.
    Find out more at Luxist.

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