25 Renovated Trailers That Are Sure to Stun

Living simply and hitting the road is more than just a dream for some families! Take the families who own the trailers I’ve rounded up here — they’ve all renovated these homes on four wheels, and made a unique lifestyle in a gorgeous small space. As you’ll see, they all have extreme style and impeccable vintage charm. Like any space, there’s room for personalization, too!

The only things prettier than the trailer are the destinations you can visit. Beware: You might be tempted to take on a renovation and travel the country after checking out these gorgeous trailers!

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  • Meals on Wheels 2 of 26

    Monic is mastering the art of RV cooking one beautiful dish at a time. Her tiny trailer kitchen is modern with dark and stainless decor. The hint of red and textured white bring the whole space together.
    Find out more at Just 5 More Minutes.

  • Casey Leigh 3 of 26

    This creative family is working on a documentary on American Bloggers. The white interior makes the airstream bigger. The butcher block countertop and simple white and black upholstered stools are stylish additions to the modern white.
    Find out more at The Wiegands.

  • Finding Joy 4 of 26

    This renovated trailer has vintage charm and is home to a family of 6. The colors and vintage decor make this trailer a cozy house.
    Find out more at Wildflowers Photography.

  • Mali Mish 5 of 26

    This family of 5 travels the country in their airstream. The striped cushions are a great choice for the small space.
    Find out more at Mali Mish.

  • Airstream Life 6 of 26

    A modern, minimalist lifestyle for this airstream owner. The colors with the steel tone and lots of white make this airstream open and bright.
    Find out more at Dwell.

  • Studio 7 of 26

    This renovated airstream makes the cutest studio space. The white backdrop keeps the space feeling open even with the pops of color and a patterned chair.
    Find out more at Design Sponge.

  • Modern White 8 of 26

    This all white interior makes this small space seem spacious. The wood floor adds great tone to warm up the starkness of the white.
    Find out more at An Airstream.

  • Rustic Interior 9 of 26

    The wood wall gives the tiny interior of this airstream a rustic charm. The gray cabinets and dark cushions are a combination with the paneled wall. 
    Find out more at Glamper - An Airstream Diary.

  • Vintage Pink 10 of 26

    This trailer reno has classic 50s vintage style with a fun pink stripe.  The interior has black and white checker flooring with fuzzy pink cushions for adorable kitsch.
    Find out more at My Dream Home is Portable.

  • Caravan Camp 11 of 26

    Rent a restored trailer with vintage charm for a one of a kind vacation experience. The bright patterns with the chalky pastel walls make this trailer reno unique.
    Find out more at Love Lane Caravans.

  • Amelia the Airstream 12 of 26

    This nautical airstream is for the adventurous spirit. The red life preservers are just the right amount of color for the blue and white space.
    Find out more at Design Sponge.

  • Classic Charm 13 of 26

    The classic vintage colors and patterns make this trailer so inviting. The gingham tablecloth and floral curtains are a great mix of pattern.
    Find out more at The Bouse Life.

  • Modern Vintage 14 of 26

    The bright colors and clean white backdrop of this trailer reno give a vintage vibe but with a more modern feel. The textured rug brings it all together.
    Find out more at The Fancy Farmgirl.

  • Elsie 15 of 26

    Bright red polka dots and floral with teal cabinets make Elsie a glamorous 50s inspired reno. The consistent color palette brings the whole renovation together.
    Find out more at Pocketful of Whimsy.

  • Sophisticated Style 16 of 26

    Another rental option that has a classic color palette and sophisticated style. The dark colors with the bright pink and reds make the trailer moody but still feel open.
    Find out more at Love Lane Caravans.

  • Vintage Quirk 17 of 26

    This emerald beauty is full of quirky vintage style. The interior is a mix of pattern and nostalgia.
    Find out more at Happy Loves Rosie.

  • Polka Dot 18 of 26

    A complete monochrome approach with polka dots everywhere make this airstream original. The large polka dots keeps it from being too overwhelming in the small space.
    Find out more at Poppytalk.

  • Pop Up 19 of 26

    This trailer is a completely unique pop up that is unmistakably from another time. It folds down to look like the back of a classic car.
    Find out more at So Cal Vintage Trailer.

  • Teal Charmer 20 of 26

    This tiny trailer doesn't lack any style for only 100 square feet. The teal and warm brown tones make it full of mid century style.
    Find out more at Sunset.

  • Scallops 21 of 26

    These adorable scallops make this boutique on wheels so charming. The white interior and shelving make perfect displays for Kaelah's thrifty finds.
    Find out more at Honey Bee in the City.

  • Office on Wheels 22 of 26

    This neutral space is calming and classic. The grays with sheer white curtains are perfectly mixed with the neutral textures from the rug and pillows.
    Find out more at Rue Mag.

  • Retro Relaxing 23 of 26

    This family of 3 enjoys retro relaxation in their renovated trailer. The colorful mosaic backsplash makes a huge statement with the green cabinetry. 
    Find out more at Evansville Living.

  • Retro Neutrals 24 of 26

    The wood tones and mid century decor were a great choice for this trailer. It's monochromatic and simple.
    Find out more at Silver Trailer.

  • Love of Lace 25 of 26

    This pink lacey retreat is girly glam to the extreme. It's bright and full of detail with the tufting and fringe.
    Find out more at The Grand Daddy.

  • Gypsy Caravan 26 of 26

    The detail of this gypsy caravan is a one of a kind home one wheels. The wood interior is rustic and pairs with the antique finish out.
    Find out more at Greg's Gypsy Bowtops.

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