25 Stunning Wall Decals from Etsy

I have this wall – a big, blank, sad-looking, no-one-knows-what-to-do-with-this-wall wall. “The wall” as it’s affectionately known has become the source of intense debate among residents and houseguests alike. As the focal point of our living space, this wall is begging to make a powerful design statement – but how?

After much deliberation, I finally decided to go with wallpaper, only to realize that wallpaper is expensive and I don’t know the first thing about hanging the stuff. And what if I hated it? It would be a total bitch to remove. I then discovered temporary (or repositionable) wallpaper (yay!), but quickly learned that it too happens to be really expensive (boo!).

With wallpapers out of the question and zero desire to try my hand at stenciling, I learned of the transformative design properties of vinyl wall decals. Before you toss your nose up in the air, you ought to know that wall decals have come a long way, baby! With endless design and placement possibilities, vinyl wall decals serve as an inexpensive and goof-proof alternative to wallpaper and paint. The best part: vinyl wall decals are easy to apply and completely removable without damaging the wall!


  • Woo-hoo for wall decals! 1 of 26

    Take a look at 25 of the most gorgeous wall decals to be found on Etsy and get inspired!

  • Royal Crowns 2 of 26

    This imperial inspiration combines fun with aristocracy to create a space worthy of a royal affair. Available in a wide variety of colors, these vinyl stickers are easily removable for a bold look without a bold commitment.


    Available from Etsy's LivingWall; $45


  • Chevron 3 of 26

    All hail chevron! Quickly and easily decorate your living space with today's most sought-after pattern.


    Available from Etsy's WallsNeedLove; $25


  • Geometric diamonds 4 of 26

    Looking to spruce up your space with a little modern/vintage flair? Try these geometric diamonds available in a wide variety of colors to make your space pop!

    Available from Etsy's WallStarGraphics; $250

  • Dandelion 5 of 26

    Make an ever-present wish with this 48" H dandelion and floating seeds anywhere you're looking to add whimsical flair to your home.


    Available from Etsy's DecalYourWall; $36.95

  • Herringbone 6 of 26

    Jazz up your room with herringbone, one of the hottest patterns in modern design! Easy to apply and ever so versatile, you can get the look of trendy design without the hassle of wallpaper or stenciling.


    Available from Etsy's Round321; $23 for 24 stripes

  • Family tree 7 of 26

    Create a personalized family tree with this family tree measuring 107" W x 90" H. Available in custom sizes and 37 colors, this family tree is a beautiful way to pay homage to your rich family history.


    Available from Etsy's SimpleShapes; $150

  • Polka dots 8 of 26

    Fun, festive and full of cheer, these poppin' polka dots offer a boisterous boost to your home decor.


    Available from Etsy's AwesomeDecals; $27

  • Swirl flower 9 of 26

    Create a poetic arch with this romantic swirl flower pattern that's available in 16 different colors and finishes!


    Available from Etsy's StickerBrand; $39.95


  • Starburst 10 of 26

    Vintage appeal comes to life with this nostalgic mid-century wall pattern.


    Available from Etsy's BeePart; $26

  • Photographic trees 11 of 26

    Available in a white variety of colors, this vinyl wall sticker is made to order, measuring 108" H x 127" W. This gorgeous photographic decal makes a bold and sophisticated statement in any room.


    Available from Etsy's StickerBrand; $299.95

  • The Great Wave 12 of 26

    Inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa, this beautiful wall decal measuring 84" H x 134" W is a beautiful nod to the original Japanese woodblock print. 


    Available from Etsy's Stickerbrand; $155

  • World map 13 of 26

    This world map with country borders serves as a conversational centerpiece for every citizen of the world. Measuring 36" W and available in a variety of colors, this map the perfect addition to any traveler's home.


    Available from Etsy's ZapoArt; $39



  • Wild Flowers 14 of 26

    Bring nature indoors with a beautiful wildflower patch. Measuring 72" H x 125" W, with custom sizes and a variety of colors available, this beautiful statement will have everyone talking.


    Available from Etsy's StickerBrand; $119.95

  • Tree in the wind 15 of 26

     At 83" H x 123" W, this artistic tree blowing in the wind graphic offers motion and whimsical design to any room. Custom sizes and other colors available.


    Available from Etsy's PopDecors; $85

  • Birch trees 16 of 26

    Realistic birch trees set the stage for natural appeal and conversation. At 9' tall, these trees can be easily trimed to fit beautifully inside your home.


    Available from Etsy's WallsNeedLove; $88 for a set of 5 trees

  • Argyle 17 of 26

    Who says argyle is only for socks and sweaters? Classic in style and preppy in inspiration, this argyle pattern is sophisticated and inviting.


    Available from Etsy's WallStarGraphics; $195

  • Giraffes 18 of 26

    Bring the wonder and majesty of the African plains into your space with this stunning giraffe print decal. Measuring 81" H and available in a variety of colors and even metallic finishes, this statement print is as bold as it is inviting.


    Available from Etsy's ChinStudio; $69

  • Retro Links 19 of 26

    When retro meets minimalist modern design, artful deliberation is born. Available in wide variety of colors, this ShaNickers Retro Links design was created by Urban Accent Home and truly unique!


    Available from Etsy's UrbanAccentHome; $69

  • Damask 20 of 26

    This gorgeous narcissus damask pattern adds ceremonial elegance and regal charm to any room and is available in a wide variety of colors.


    Available from Etsy's LivingWalls; $30

  • Wall stripes 21 of 26

    It's no secret that painting wall stripes with clean lines is hard. Take the fuss out of the process with a roll of vinyl wall stripe tape! Available in 40 colors and various finishes, create the pattern of your dreams quickly and easily!


    Available from Etsy's WallsNeedLove; $32

  • Moroccan pattern 22 of 26

    Add a bit of global distinction to your home with this gorgeous abstract moroccan design. Available in 20 colors, this eye-catching design is as bold as it is engaging.


    Available from Etsy's WallStarGraphics; $195


  • Birds 23 of 26

    What's not to love about the simplicity of this wall art? Minimalist and full of motion, a flock of birds simply passing by adds understated elegance and modern flair to your room's decor.


    Available from Etsy's HappyWallz; $17.99

  • Retro pattern 24 of 26

    Hey there, hep cat! Looking to bring a funky retro vibe into your home? This is how you do it! This 60-piece vinyl decal set is available in a variety of bold colors for a totally hip and stylish statement.


    Available from Etsy's BeePart; $38

  • Cherry blossom 25 of 26

    Thought to symbolize the ephemeral nature of life, cherry blossoms are known for their brief and astonishing beauty. The everlasting beauty of the cherry blossom is versatile enough for any room of your house where you're looking to make a richly symbolic presentation of beauty.


    Available from Etsy's Cuma; $59

  • Anchors 26 of 26

    Ahoy, sea lovers! Get ready to pay homage to the sea with this classic nautical motif available in 52 colors!


    Available from Etsy's DecalsMurals; $20




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