25 Stylish Bicycle Accessories

Here are 25 bicycle accessories to keep you looking good on your bike this fall. I’ve gathered up my favorites, from bright and modern to subtle and classic, starting at $9.99. See the picks, after the jump!

Image by Copenhagen Cycle Chic for Velorbis Bikes.

  • Leather Grip Handles 1 of 25
    Leather Grip Handles
    A lovely touch to any bike. From Linus. $84
  • Gold Helmet 2 of 25
    Gold Helmet
    Highly reflective helmet which is also super cute! Bobbin Bicycles 34 (GBP)
  • Big Basket 3 of 25
    Big Basket
    Think of what you could carry in this basket! Bobbin Bicycles. 68 (GBP)
  • Red Bell 4 of 25
    Red Bell
    Such an adorable addition to any bicycle. Public $15
  • Bright Helmet 5 of 25
    Bright Helmet
    Brighten up your ride with primary colors! Bobbin Bicycles 37 (GBP) Similar helmets also available from Adeline Adeline for $69.99.
  • Wire Basket With Wooden Slats 6 of 25
    Wire Basket With Wooden Slats
    This Brooks basket will last forever! Adeline Adeline $160
  • Reflective Sash 7 of 25
    Reflective Sash
    Such a great alternative to traditional reflector vests! Bobbin Bicycles 20 (GBP)
  • Vintage Style Light 8 of 25
    Vintage Style Light
    If your bike didn't come with a cute light like this, add one! Linus $49.99
  • Modern Child’s Seat 9 of 25
    Modern Child's Seat
    Carry your little one in this modern Dutch seat! Public $180
  • Satchel 10 of 25
    A classic touch for your daily commute. Cycle Chic 44.99 (GBP)
  • Classic Brooks Saddle 11 of 25
    Classic Brooks Saddle
    This model has springs which makes this seat a little more comfy than some of the other Brooks models. Linus $119.99
  • Peterboro Basket 12 of 25
    Peterboro Basket
    Perfect for a ride to the farmer's market! Linus $39.99
  • Classic Riding Helmet 13 of 25
    Classic Riding Helmet
    A classic look for your helmet. Adeline Adeline $65.00
  • Aluminum Tire Pump 14 of 25
    Aluminum Tire Pump
    I love the stream-lined look of this tire pump. Adeline Adeline $100
  • Silver Bell 15 of 25
    Silver Bell
    A classic bell! Linus $9.99
  • Wooden Rack 16 of 25
    Wooden Rack
    This basket even has a bottle opener! Perfect for carrying groceries. Adeline Adeline $130
  • Yakkay Helmet 17 of 25
    Yakkay Helmet
    A tweet helmet option will keep you motivated to wear your helmet! Bobbin Bicycles 5 (GBP)
  • Brass Bell 18 of 25
    Brass Bell
    A crisp, clear bell with good looks! Adeline Adeline $13.99
  • Market Bag 19 of 25
    Market Bag
    This waxed leather bag is tough but looks great on your bike. $139
  • A Girl’s Bike 20 of 25
    A Girl's Bike
    No accessory but this little book is filled with 50 photos of stylish bicyclists in NYC. Public $25
  • Otter Bag 21 of 25
    Otter Bag
    Made in London of waxed canvas, this pannier bag has classical good looks and was designed after dozens of tests to make sure it works for the commuter. Bobbin Bicycles 174 (GBP)
  • Child’s Seat 22 of 25
    Child's Seat
    A simple utilitarian child's seat that looks great too. Adeline Adeline $139.99
  • Leather Trouser Straps 23 of 25
    Leather Trouser Straps
    A good looking alternative for trouser straps. By Brooks. Available at Adeline Adeline. $30
  • Bright Wire Basket 24 of 25
    Bright Wire Basket
    These baskets come in an array of bright colors. Linus $39.99
  • Colored Lock 25 of 25
    Colored Lock
    I love the bright colors on these locks! Public $20

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Top photo: Copenhagen Cycle Chic for Velorbis. All other photos from respective sources.

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