25 Terrific Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking to streamline your holiday shopping, stop by the Land of Nod. They have the best collection of stocking stuffers — classic toys, games, and crafts that will definitely be a hit. It would be so easy to fill a stocking with their offerings, and free shipping on all the items makes them even more tempting. See the 25 I think would inspire glee on Christmas morning after the jump.

  • A Trip Down Memory Game 1 of 25
    A Trip Down Memory Game
    Even though they're a bit more costly, these memory game tiles with their retro animal art would make a great stocking stuffer.
    From Land of Nod $24.95
  • Cretaceous Collection 2 of 25
    Cretaceous Collection
    Schleich's line of realistic animal figures have been long-time favorites in our house.
    From Land of Nod $4.95
  • Mini Etch-a-Sketch 3 of 25
    Mini Etch-a-Sketch
    A mini Etch-a-Sketch? Need I say more?
    From Land of Nod $8.95
  • Private Eyes Spy Glasses 4 of 25
    Private Eyes Spy Glasses
    Mirrored spy glasses are like having eyes in the back of your head!
    From Land of Nod $2.95
  • Small World Ball 5 of 25
    Small World Ball
    Keep your kids studying geography while they're on their Christmas vacation.
    From Land of Nod $2.95
  • Paddle Ball 6 of 25
    Paddle Ball
    This is one of those toys that your kids will have to remind you to share.
    From Land of Nod $4.95
  • Light the Way Head Lamp 7 of 25
    Light the Way Head Lamp
    This headlamp would be just the thing for building forts, hunting fireflies or reading late into the night.
    From Land of Nod $6.95
  • On the Lookout Binoculars 8 of 25
    On the Lookout Binoculars
    Every explorer needs a pair of binoculars.
    From Land of Nod $12.95
  • Something to Write Home About 9 of 25
    Something to Write Home About
    Wouldn't this oversized pencil make kids giggle?
    From Land of Nod $6.95
  • How’s That Grab Ya 10 of 25
    How's That Grab Ya
    Kids would use this to reach things on a high toy shelf ... or in their toy bin, or in a drawer, or on their desk, or on a table.
    From Land of Nod $6.95
  • Juggle All the Way 11 of 25
    Juggle All the Way
    Juggling balls are a necessity for any toy box.
    From Land of Nod $5.95
  • Little Ugly Action Dolls 12 of 25
    Little Ugly Action Dolls
    These mini Uglydolls are the perfect pocket-sized companions.
    From Land of Nod $9.95
  • Automoblox Minis 13 of 25
    Automoblox Minis
    I love the retro design of these mini race cars.
    From Land of Nod $12.95
  • I Spy Glass 14 of 25
    I Spy Glass
    Every good pirate needs a telescope.
    From Land of Nod $7.95
  • Harmonica 15 of 25
    A classic harmonica belongs in every music box.
    From Land of Nod $7.95
  • Full Tilt Pinball Games 16 of 25
    Full Tilt Pinball Games
    Mini pinball will keep kids entertained for holiday drives to Grandma's house.
    From Land of Nod $6.95
  • Offline Tweets Bird Whistle 17 of 25
    Offline Tweets Bird Whistle
    Fill this little whistle with a bit of water to hear it sing.
    From Land of Nod $1.25
  • Shapes and Shadows Flashlights 18 of 25
    Shapes and Shadows Flashlights
    A new take on shadow puppets, these flashlights will be a favorite bed time toy.
    From Land of Nod $3.95
  • A Show of Hands 19 of 25
    A Show of Hands
    These clever temporary tattoos turn hands into little monsters.
    From Land of Nod $7.95
  • Origami Airplanes 20 of 25
    Origami Airplanes
    This kit will teach kids the fine art of folding paper airplanes.
    From Land of Nod $6.95
  • Scribble It Postcards 21 of 25
    Scribble It Postcards
    These postcards would be a great way for kids to send thank-you notes for their holiday gifts.
    From Land of Nod $9.95
  • Stop and Smell the Paper Flowers 22 of 25
    Stop and Smell the Paper Flowers
    I would have a hard time not making these paper flowers myself.
    From Land of Nod $5.95
  • Handle Car 23 of 25
    Handle Car
    This cute car is perfect for little fingers to grab onto.
    From Land of Nod $10.00
  • Not Your Typical Teethers 24 of 25
    Not Your Typical Teethers
    This teether is a guaranteed hit with the hard-to-shop-for, gummy crowd.
    From Land of Nod $19.95
  • Rotund Rattler 25 of 25
    Rotund Rattler
    This hand-crocheted rattle has a chime inside.
    From Land of Nod $34


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