25 Tips & Tricks for Growing Container Gardens

Container gardens are great to have for many reasons – they are easy to move around, don’t require a ton of sun, and can be just the right size for a small space. You can grow plump tomatoes on your balcony and colorful flowers on your porch. Learn about which plants grow best in a container, what soil and fertilizer to use, and tips and tricks for Container Gardening 101…

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  • Use Soilless Mix 2 of 26
    This is lightweight and easier for veggies to grow in.
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  • Recycle Containers 3 of 26
    Use a wooden wine crate to grow plants, because it drains very easily.
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  • Shelter from the Wind 4 of 26
    Since they are not the strongest of plants, it's good to keep them as sheltered from the wind as possible.
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  • No Sitting in Puddles 5 of 26
    Make sure you either get a water tray or have holes at the bottom of the pot so your plants do not sit in water.
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  • Combine Herbs and Veggies 6 of 26
    See the list of herbs that your an combine with veggies to help keep bugs away.
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  • Beautifying Your Containers 7 of 26
    Of course the plants growing from the containers are beautiful, but it helps to add bursts of color by painting your containers.
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  • Line Baskets 8 of 26
    To keep the soil from leaking out, line the box with sheet moss.
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  • Working with Color 9 of 26
    Get containers that will complement the plants, like these sleek black containers for bold red flowers.
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  • Level Up 10 of 26
    Make the container garden more eye-catching by using a ladder to set the plants at different heights.
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  • Get Creative with Containers 11 of 26
    Don't run out to buy a whole bunch of containers just yet, look around the home and see what you have on hand.
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  • Tomatoes are Your Best Friend 12 of 26
    You can enjoy them all summer long, and sometimes even into fall, just make sure to water very regularly.
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  • What Veggies to Grow? 13 of 26
    You'll be happy to know that all veggies that grow in the ground can be grown in a container. You'll probably want to steer clear of vegetables that take a long time to grow like corn.
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  • Line with Pebbles 14 of 26
    Keep the drainage holes from getting clogged up by lining the bottom of your container (or boot) with pebbles.
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  • Knowing What’s What 15 of 26
    If you have a bunch of containers that look the same, make markers to know which plant is in which container. This is great for knowing which need to be watered more, or need more sunlight.
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  • Use Vertical Space 16 of 26
    When you run out of room, make a hanging container garden out of rain gutters.
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  • Planting in Succession 17 of 26
    Make a plan of what plants you will grow in what order. In this case, you could do a lettuce that still grows when it's cool out and then go onto veggies.
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  • Compact for Higher Up 18 of 26
    Remember that more compact plants are better for hanging up in baskets.
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  • Fix It and Forget It 19 of 26
    Succulents require very minimal work, they're great for those that don't have a green thumb.
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  • Fertilize Regularly 20 of 26
    Since container plants don't have access to all the nutrients they need, it's important you keep them nice and fertilized.
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  • Go Big 21 of 26
    Garden in a pot that is bigger than the plant will actually need, this is so it will have plenty of space to grow.
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  • Stake it in the Beginning 22 of 26
    Make sure to place the stake in before you've put in the soil and the plant.
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  • Best Veggies to Grow 23 of 26
    Although you can grow them all, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and peppers are a great way to go.
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  • Don’t Fill to the Brim 24 of 26
    When planting your seeds, don't fill soil up to the very tip top. This will ensure that you will get plenty of water absorbed without overflowing
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  • Hot Summer Days and Watering 25 of 26
    Normally you can water your plants once a day, but when it gets to high temperatures you should up it to twice a day.
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  • Pick Off Dead Leaves 26 of 26
    This is especially good to keep flowers looking sharp and to help keep bugs away.
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