21 Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks

Have a green (or not so green) thumb? Gardening is a whole lot easier when you know the tips and tricks of the trade.

For example, the next time you boil pasta noodles, let the nutrient-filled water cool and pour it over plants to help fertilize them.

Another tip: stick plastic forks into flower beds to deter cats from using them as a litter box.

Go green with these 21 clever gardening tips and tricks to keep your garden growing healthy and strong.

1. Coffee filters for planting

Coffee filter in pot
Image source: Craftaholics Anonymous

Put a coffee filter in the bottom of your flower pots to keep the dirt in. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

2. Lemon planter

Grow seedlings in a lemon peel instead of pot. (via Bright Nest)

3. Plastic forks for pets

Reuse plastic forks to keep cats from using your garden as a litter box. (via Hawaii Gardening)

4. Test seeds

Test old seeds by growing them on a wet paper towel to make sure they are worth planting. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Epsom salt for fertilizer

epsom salt
Image source: Thinkstock

Epsom salt works great for fertilizing plants. (via Real Simple)

6. Cucumber trellis

Grow cucumbers on a trellis and plant lettuce under it to give it partial shade. (via Florida Vegetable Garden)

7. Sulfur for peppers

Plant pepper with a box of matches since they like sulfur. (via Yankee Magazine)

8. Milk for fertilizer

Milk works great as a fertilizer and anti-fungal agent. (via Gardening Know How)

9. Plastic peanuts for drainage

packing peanuts
Image source: Thinkstock

Use packing peanuts to help drainage and lighten large planting pots. (via This Old House)

10. Wash basket for veggies

Make a basket to wash veggies before you bring them in. Conserve water by watering your garden at the same time. (via RunnerDuck)

11. Dental floss

Use dental floss to tie a vine to a trellis. (via Real Simple)

12. Chamomile tea for fungus

Soak seeds in chamomile tea to help germinate and prevent fungus. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Regrow pineapple

pineapple top plant growing
Image source: Tickled Red

Plant the top of a pineapple in a pot to grow another. (via Tickled Red)

14. Kitchen shaker for pesticides

Use a kitchen shaker of diatomaceous earth to keep pests away naturally. (via Martha Stewart)

15. Ashes for a booster

Ashes act as an organic soil booster and deter garden pests too. (via Tip Nut)

16. Blooming onions

Regrow green onions in your windowsill. (via The Kitchn)

17. Eggs for calcium

Image Source: Girl on a Bike

Use egg shells in the garden to deter pests and add calcium to the soil. (via Girl on a Bike)

18. Bottle planter for watering

Use a bottle to make a self-watering planter for easy garden care. (via Design Sponge)

19. T-shirts for melons

Support growing melons with slings made from old t-shirts. (via Oregon Live)

20. Bananas for roses

A peel from a banana has potassium that feeds roses and helps prevent disease. (via Real Simple)

21. Roses for potatoes

Rose stems in potatoes
Image source: Amateur Gardening

Propagate roses by putting rose cuttings into potatoes. (via Amateur Gardening)

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