25 Totally Clever Kids’ Party Ideas

I bet you never thought you’d see a shark chomping on fruit before. What about glow-in-the dark cotton candy? It’s easy to just put food in a bowl, but why not get creative with it? Keep in mind clever shortcuts for the day of the party — scoop ice cream into cupcake liners ahead of time and place in the freezer to have individual scoops on hand for cake time and no mess. There’s more ideas where that came from in these 25 Totally Clever Kids’ Party Ideas …

  • Watermelon Shark 1 of 25
    Watermelon Shark
    Carve a shark out of a watermelon and fill his mouth with delicious fruits.
    Get the tutorial at Watermelon.
  • Avoiding Ice Cream Stickiness 2 of 25
    Avoiding Ice Cream Stickiness
    Keep hands clean by pre-scooping ice cream before the party starts and placing it in cupcake liners in the freezer.
    Check it out at Real Simple.
  • Lawn Twister 3 of 25
    Lawn Twister
    Turn your lawn into a giant game of Twister. This idea works for any birthday theme.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Veggie Fun 4 of 25
    Veggie Fun
    Make veggies look that much more appetizing by using them to make pictures like their favorite characters.
    Find out more at Uzbin.
  • Cool Down Treasure Hunt 5 of 25
    Cool Down Treasure Hunt
    Hide a weighted toy at the bottom of the kiddie pool and cover it up with a bunch of inflatable balls. Now let the treasure hunt begin!
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Bubble Refills 6 of 25
    Bubble Refills
    Use a beverage dispenser to fill with bubble mix so that the kids can come back and refill when needed.
    Find out more at La-La's Home Daycare.
  • Glowing Cotton Candy 7 of 25
    Glowing Cotton Candy
    Use LED Cotton Candy Cones to illuminate the delicious treat.
    Spotted at When Geeks Wed.
  • Cookie Pops 8 of 25
    Cookie Pops
    Cook your cookies on a stick to avoid messy hands.
    Spotted at Prudent Baby.
  • Cookie Cutter Fruit 9 of 25
    Cookie Cutter Fruit
    Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes in fruit.
    Find out more at Beneath the Rowan Tree.
  • Cupcake Numbers 10 of 25
    Cupcake Numbers
    Spray paint a set of beautiful cupcakes into an ombre number.
    Find out more at Lowe's.
  • Watermelon Jell-O Bites 11 of 25
    Watermelon Jell-O Bites
    Lime rinds work great to make baby watermelon bites.
    Check it out at Craft Foxes.
  • Animal Candles 12 of 25
    Animal Candles
    Turn small animal toys into pretty reusable candles.
    Find out more at The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Keeping Cupcakes Neat 13 of 25
    Keeping Cupcakes Neat
    Put cupcakes in plastic cups when you hand them out as party favors to keep them from getting messy.
    Check it out at Bird on a Cake.
  • Paint Your Own Utensils 14 of 25
    Paint Your Own Utensils
    Give the kids different colored paints to use to paint their own wooden utensils.
    Spotted at Celebrations.
  • Milk and Cookies 15 of 25
    Milk and Cookies
    Serve milk and cookies easily by ringing cookies around the milk jug straw.
    Find out more at 4 Men 1 Lady.
  • The New Party Hat 16 of 25
    The New Party Hat
    Instead of using party hats, change it up and make unicorn horns for the kids to wear.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Cake Pop Colander 17 of 25
    Cake Pop Colander
    If you are making cake pops for the party, keep the backs from going flat by drying them in the holes of the colander.
    Spotted at Baking Quinn.
  • Bucket O’ Snacks 18 of 25
    Bucket O' Snacks
    Serve up snacks in sand buckets for a summertime party.
    Check it out at Gourmet Mom on the Go .
  • Bubble Fun 19 of 25
    Bubble Fun
    No matter what the theme is, any summer party can have a human bubble activity.
    Find out more at One Charming Party.
  • Fish Bowl Jell-O 20 of 25
    Fish Bowl Jell-O
    A creative way to serve gelatin is by putting it in a fish bowl with gummy fish swimming inside.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time 21 of 25
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    Change up the classic PB&J by displaying it in a new way, like a sushi roll.
    Check it out at Jif.
  • Pool Noodle Lightsabers 22 of 25
    Pool Noodle Lightsabers
    These pool noodle lightsabers are so much fun to use at a Star Wars party or just for fun party favors.
    Check it out at Muddy Boots Blog.
  • Silly Sacks 23 of 25
    Silly Sacks
    Take the classic game a step further by letting the kids decorate the potato sacks. When the party is done they can use them to take home and fill with toys and treasures.
    Spotted at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Sundae Shells 24 of 25
    Sundae Shells
    Use balloons to make chocolate molds for ice cream sundae shells.
    Check it out at Jeni's Splendid.
  • Fun Seating 25 of 25
    Fun Seating
    Turn cardboard boxes into cars, trains, airplanes or anything else creative for a fun place for the kids to sit.
    Spotted at Not Just a Housewife.


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