25 Totally Clever Organization Tips and Tricks for the New Year

It’s a new year and a new you, starting with organizing every nook and cranny of your home. Okay, that may seem way too overwhelming and daunting, but with these tips and tricks it will feel like a breeze. Use a carabiner to keep your hair ties in one place, and PVC pipe to store ties, belts, and scarves. Check out the many other totally clever ideas…

  • Carabiner for Hair Ties 1 of 25
    Keep hair ties in one place by hooking them on a carabiner.
    Find out more at Hippie Hugger.
  • Shower Hooks for Necklaces 2 of 25
    Necklaces stay nicely organized when they're set on shower hooks.
    Spotted at Full Measure of Happiness.
  • Casserole Servers for Spices 3 of 25
    Use vintage casserole servers as a way to organize all your spices.
    Find out more at Mod Vintage Life.
  • PVC for Belts 4 of 25
    Keep your belts organized by placing them inside cut circles of PVC pipe. You can also use it to organize ties and scarves.
    Spotted at Buzzfeed.
  • Sweater Shelf for Papers 5 of 25
    Free up a filing cabinet by using a closet sweater shelf to store important papers.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Ornament Organization 6 of 25
    Organize your ornaments in egg cartons so they are nice and safe for next year.
    Find out more at Ask Anna Moseley.
  • Paint Cans for Supplies 7 of 25
    Store office supplies in designated paint cans.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Bread Tag Cord Organizer 8 of 25
    Hold onto bread tags because they work great for organizing your cords.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Tension Rod for Under the Sink 9 of 25
    Hang a tension rod under the sink and use it to hang cleaning supplies from.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Shoe Racks for Soup 10 of 25
    Use closet shoe racks as a way to store soup and keep them from tumbling out.
    Find out more at Family Handyman.
  • Bobby Pins and Tic Tacs 11 of 25
    Keep bobby pins in one place by storing them in Tic Tac containers.
    Find out more at Simply Frugal.
  • Shower Curtain Rings for Scarves 12 of 25
    Use ribbon to tie shower rings together as a way to store scarves or tights.
    Spotted at Jae Bellz.
  • Serving Tray Divider 13 of 25
    Add more storage space and keep cups together by using a serving tray as a divider.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Lids for Knick-Knacks 14 of 25
    Use candle jar lids to store small knick-knacks like paper clips.
    Find out more at Sew Many Ways.
  • PVC Pipe for Shoes 15 of 25
    Keep your shoes organized by cutting pieces of PVC pipe and stacking them together.
    Find out more at Cookie Loves Milk.
  • Linens in a Pillowcase 16 of 25
    Keep sheets and pillowcases together by folding them and placing them inside the matching pillowcase.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Screen Door for Pots 17 of 25
    Organize your pots by hanging them on a screen door.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • Upside-down Stool for Gift Wrap 18 of 25
    Take all your gift wrap, bags, and tissue paper, and store it in an upside-down stool.
    Find out more at 2 Little Hooligans.
  • Make-up and Magnets 19 of 25
    Organize your makeup by making it easy to see on a magnet board.
    Find out more at Laura Thoughts.
  • CD Racks & Tupperware 20 of 25
    Place your tupperware in CD racks.
    Check it out at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Drawer Pulls for Chalk 21 of 25
    Screw drawer pulls into the wall for a place to store chalk.
    Find out more at Dimples and Tangles.
  • Toilet Paper Rolls for Pens 22 of 25
    Keep your pens, pencils, and markers organized by making toilet paper roll dividers.
    Spotted at Unconsumption
  • Craft Organization on a Crib 23 of 25
    Organize your craft supplies on a crib rail.
    Find out more at Crafty Nest.
  • Kleenex Box for Grocery Bags 24 of 25
    Store grocery bags in a kleenex box instead of having them scattered about the house.
    Spotted at MSN.
  • Ice Cube Trays for Earrings 25 of 25
    Separate earrings in ice cube trays.
    Spotted at Heavenly Pins.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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