25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas

Want to plan a memorable party but don’t want to spend a ton of money or time? Focus on unexpected items, like the punch bowl, and use a watermelon instead. Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune because there are plenty of money saving ways to put scrap fabrics and paper to use to make stunning backdrops. Party planning is going to be nothing but fun from here on out with these 25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas…

  • Watermelon Punch Bowl 1 of 25
    Watermelon Punch Bowl
    Hollow out a watermelon to use to serve delicious punch.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.
  • Quilt Tablecloth 2 of 25
    Quilt Tablecloth
    Use a quilt as a tablecloth.
    Check it out at Style Me Pretty.
  • Adding Vintage Charm 3 of 25
    Adding Vintage Charm
    Surround your summer party picnic with vintage treasures you can get from thrift stores to give it even more character.
    Find out more at Black Eiffel.
  • Fruit Ice Cubes 4 of 25
    Fruit Ice Cubes
    Freeze ice cubes with fruit inside to add flavor to your drinks.
    Find out more at Pip and Ebby.
  • Ribbon Roof 5 of 25
    Ribbon Roof
    Hang multi-colored ribbon over the party table.
    Find out more at 100 Layer Cake.
  • Paper Chain Backdrop 6 of 25
    Paper Chain Backdrop
    Make a bright backdrop out of different color paper chains. This is also great to use for a photo booth.
    Spotted at Chicka Bug.
  • Flower Table Decor 7 of 25
    Flower Table Decor
    Place flowers inside upside down cups and set colorful candles on top to light when the sun goes down.
    Check it out at Great Wedding Finds.
  • Pom Pom and Fan Cluster 8 of 25
    Pom Pom and Fan Cluster
    A cluster of pom poms, fans and chinese lanterns makes for a bright and colorful background.
    Find out more at Sweet Designs.
  • Leaf Coasters 9 of 25
    Leaf Coasters
    Large, freshly cut leaves can be use for pretty coasters.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Popsicle Bubblers 10 of 25
    Popsicle Bubblers
    Place frozen popsicles inside glasses of champagne to sweeten them up for a summer treat.
    Check it out at Southern Living.
  • Wooden Barrel Table 11 of 25
    Wooden Barrel Table
    Get creative with your drink stand by using old wooden barrels with a piece of wood on top for a table.
    Find out more at 100 Layer Cake.
  • Strawberry Crates 12 of 25
    Strawberry Crates
    Give your guests something to snack on by decorating each place setting with a colorful strawberry crate.
    Find out more at Style Me Pretty.
  • Dresser Buffet Table 13 of 25
    Dresser Buffet Table
    Use a rustic dresser as a shabby chic buffet table.
    Find out more at Style Me Pretty.
  • Mason Jar Juice Boxes 14 of 25
    Mason Jar Juice Boxes
    Give the kids mason jars with straws through the lid instead of a juice box.
    Find out more at Nicole Hill.
  • Colorful Chairs 15 of 25
    Colorful Chairs
    Tie ribbons to the back of each chair for this beautiful look.
    Find out more at Grosgrain Fabulous.
  • Parasols for Shade 16 of 25
    Parasols for Shade
    Hang colorful parasols from the trees to add hints of shade.
    Find out more at Style Me Pretty.
  • Drink Covers 17 of 25
    Drink Covers
    Keep pesky bugs and leaves out of your drink with cupcake cups.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Flower Pot Holders 18 of 25
    Flower Pot Holders
    Fill flower pots with silverware.
    Find out more at Simply Seleta.
  • Wine Bottle Vases 19 of 25
    Wine Bottle Vases
    Hang wine bottle vases over the food table.
    Check it out at Eat Drink Chic.
  • Fabric Ice Cream Cones 20 of 25
    Fabric Ice Cream Cones
    Point your guests in the directions of the sweets with fabric ice cream cones.
    Find out more at Icing Designs Online.
  • Canvas Awning 21 of 25
    Canvas Awning
    Make a simple canvas awning instead of using a big umbrella.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Cupcake Display 22 of 25
    Cupcake Display
    A gorgeous way to display cupcakes is by hanging them from colored ribbons.
    Find out more at Oh Cupcakes.
  • Fabric Tassel Decor 23 of 25
    Fabric Tassel Decor
    Make a fabric tassel garland to use to decorate anywhere.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Lemon Boats 24 of 25
    Lemon Boats
    Use lemon boats as place cards.
    Find out more at Marie Claire.
  • Toy Kitchen Ice Cream Parlor 25 of 25
    Toy Kitchen Ice Cream Parlor
    A toy kitchen makes for a great place to set up all the fixings for yummy sundaes.
    Find out more at Kara's Party Ideas.

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