25 Totally Clever Toy Storage Tips & Tricks

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to make way for a whole new batch of toys. Move their Barbies to a shoe organizer and use a hanging fruit basket for bath toys. Add some vintage charm to their room, while also staying organized, by putting cars in an old Coca-Cola crate. Keep reading to see more…

  • Labeled Buckets for Outdoor Toys 1 of 25
    Labeled Buckets for Outdoor Toys
    Use metal buckets for a way to store toys that get dirty from being outside.
    Check it out at Domestic Charm.
  • Pencil Pouches for Puzzles 2 of 25
    Pencil Pouches for Puzzles
    Hold onto all your puzzle pieces by placing them inside zipper pencil pouches.
    Find out more at The Navy Stripe.
  • Wall O’ Buckets 3 of 25
    Wall O' Buckets
    Stack up sand buckets and connect them together with zip ties.
    Find out more at Grosgrain Fabulous.
  • Fruit Basket for Bath Toys 4 of 25
    Fruit Basket for Bath Toys
    Hang a fruit basket in your bathroom and use it to put their bath toys in.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Cars on a Strip 5 of 25
    Cars on a Strip
    Hang toy cars on a magnetic knife strip.
    Spotted at D Coracao.
  • Tool Box for Toys 6 of 25
    Tool Box for Toys
    Turn your husband's tool box into your child's toy storage. It can also add to the decor.
    Spotted at DIY Inspired.
  • Bookshelf for Trains 7 of 25
    Bookshelf for Trains
    Put their train sets on a bookshelf where they can easily see and get to them.
    Find out more at Green Kitchen.
  • Tires for Toys 8 of 25
    Tires for Toys
    Store toys inside stacked tires on wheels.
    Spotted at Curbly.
  • Trundle for Toys 9 of 25
    Trundle for Toys
    Turn a trundle bed into a place to keep toys organized and hidden.
    Spotted at iVillage.
  • Shoe for Superheros 10 of 25
    Shoe for Superheros
    Use a shoe organizer to hold all their plastic dolls.
    Find out more at Organize Your Stuff Now.
  • Pasta Jars for Crafts 11 of 25
    Pasta Jars for Crafts
    Fill pasta jars with craft supplies or small toys.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Wood Crate for Toys 12 of 25
    Wood Crate for Toys
    Distress a wooden crate to make it look vintage and add wheels to the bottom. Fill it with their toys.
    Spotted at Etsy.
  • Garden Baskets for Toys 13 of 25
    Garden Baskets for Toys
    Hang garden baskets on a wall at a low height so the kids can reach them and put them back.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Dress Up Box 14 of 25
    Dress Up Box
    Build a dress up box to store those cool costumes and princess dresses.
    Find out more at Craftiness is Not Optional.
  • Pallet for Pool Toys 15 of 25
    Pallet for Pool Toys
    Keep outdoor pool toys in one place by storing them on a pallet.
    Spotted at Junk Market Style.
  • Wood Bottle Crate for Cars 16 of 25
    Wood Bottle Crate for Cars
    Hang a wood bottle crate on the wall and fill each slot with toy cars.
    Find out more at Life in the Thrifty Lane.
  • Dolls in a Suitcase 17 of 25
    Dolls in a Suitcase
    Keep Dolly and all her friends in a special doll suitcase.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Peanut Butter Jar for Toys 18 of 25
    Peanut Butter Jar for Toys
    Poke a hole in the top of peanut butter jars, string a piece of ribbon through to make the toy storage portable.
    Check it out at Share and Remember.
  • Bungee Cord for Balls 19 of 25
    Bungee Cord for Balls
    Keep balls safely stored away by using bungee cords to hold them back.
    Find out more at Designed to Dwell.
  • Reusing Old Toys 20 of 25
    Reusing Old Toys
    Reuse old toys as a way to store new toys or in this case, art supplies.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Peek-a-Boo Bag for Toys 21 of 25
    Peek-a-Boo Bag for Toys
    Sew up a toy sack that the kids can see right through to find the toy they're looking for.
    Find out more at Make it Perfect.
  • Soap for Card Games 22 of 25
    Soap for Card Games
    Use a soap organizer as a place to hold card games.
    Find out more at Dollar Store Crafts.
  • Hamper for Large Toys 23 of 25
    Hamper for Large Toys
    Keep big toys together by putting them in a plastic hamper.
    Find out more at The Happy Housewife.
  • Baby Wipes for Tiny Toys 24 of 25
    Baby Wipes for Tiny Toys
    Reuse baby wipe containers by turning them into a place to store small toys.
    Find out more at Budget Savvy Diva.
  • Pillow for Stuffed Animals 25 of 25
    Pillow for Stuffed Animals
    Put their stuffed animals inside a cute mesh pillow.
    Find out more at One Step Ahead.

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