25 Totally Pretty Ponytail Tutorials

Any postpartum mama (even like, ahem, four-and-a-half-years postpartum) knows the ponytail routine. Here’s some simple ways to spice up that ponytail, like adding a braid (and hiding greasy bangs). Mastering messy hair styles, like the Messy Side Bun Ponytail, are great for when you have to run out of the house last minute. With all the time you dedicate to your little one, take five to spend a little time on you with these 25 Totally Pretty Ponytails Tutorials…

  • Not Just a Ponytail 1 of 25
    Not Just a Ponytail
    Wrap and pin are the steps to this simple hair tutorial that looks so pretty.
    Check it out at The Small Things.
  • Twisted Side Pony 2 of 25
    Twisted Side Pony
    Gather sections and twist them into a side ponytail.
    Check it out at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Pump up the Jam 3 of 25
    Pump up the Jam
    Add some volume to your ponytail by teasing up a bouffant.
    Find out more at Modcloth.
  • Messy Side Pony 4 of 25
    Messy Side Pony
    Learn how to style an intentionally messy ponytail.
    Find out more at Cup of Jo.
  • Triple Twist Ponytail Updo 5 of 25
    Triple Twist Ponytail Updo
    Learn how to master this elegant ponytail.
    Find out more at Welcome to Projectville.
  • Pony with a Twist 6 of 25
    Pony with a Twist
    Add a little twist to your average ponytail.
    Find out more at Cup of Jo.
  • Smooth and Sleek 7 of 25
    Smooth and Sleek
    Keep it all back for this fresh look.
    Find out more at Modcloth.
  • Inside Out Ponytail 8 of 25
    Inside Out Ponytail
    Flip your ponytail inside out for this pretty style .
    Check it out at Hair and Makeup by Steph.
  • Knot Your Average Pony 9 of 25
    Knot Your Average Pony
    Tie your hair into a cute knotted ponytail.
    Check it out at The Beauty Department.
  • Bits & Pieces Ponytail 10 of 25
    Bits & Pieces Ponytail
    Section off pieces to create a pretty ponytail.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Add a Bow 11 of 25
    Add a Bow
    The easiest way to dress up your ponytail is by adding a ribbon bow.
    Spotted at The Beauty File.
  • Braided Pony 12 of 25
    Braided Pony
    Braid back both sides of your hair and tie back into a ponytail.
    Find out more at TOFW.
  • Fancy Schmancy Ponytail 13 of 25
    Fancy Schmancy Ponytail
    Tie your hair back into an elegant ponytail that is easy to do.
    Check it out at The Small Things.
  • Retro Ponytail 14 of 25
    Retro Ponytail
    Go for a vintage look with this retro ponytail.
    Spotted at Te Beauty Department.
  • Mixing Ponytail with Headband 15 of 25
    Mixing Ponytail with Headband
    Learn a super cute way to rock a headband with your ponytail.
    Check it out at The Small Things.
  • Touch O’ Braid 16 of 25
    Touch O' Braid
    Braid the front section and tie your hair into a side ponytail.
    Find out more at Modcloth.
  • Messy Inside Out Ponytail 17 of 25
    Messy Inside Out Ponytail
    To elaborate on the inside out ponytail, make your hair extra wavy and volumized.
    Find out more at The Lane.
  • A Little Extra Special Ponytail 18 of 25
    A Little Extra Special Ponytail
    For how dressed up this ponytail looks, it's not that hard to do at all.
    Find out more at Love Meagan.
  • Bouncy Wrapped Ponytail 19 of 25
    Bouncy Wrapped Ponytail
    Here's a hairstyle that's all about rolling out of bed and styling.
    Check it out at iVillage.
  • Boho Chic 20 of 25
    Boho Chic
    Do a small braid on the side of your head and tie it back into a very messy ponytail with strands in front.
    Find out more at Tumblr.
  • Delicate Ponytail 21 of 25
    Delicate Ponytail
    Style your ponytail low and a little to the side. Wrap a section of hair around the hair elastic. Leave small pieces loosely curled
    Spotted at Minkette.
  • French Braid Ponytail 22 of 25
    French Braid Ponytail
    French braid your hair from the top of your head back and then secure with a ponytail elastic.
    Check it out at Tumblr.
  • Lace Braid Ponytail 23 of 25
    Lace Braid Ponytail
    This is the perfect hairstyle for keeping all your hair out of your face.
    Spotted at How to Dooo.
  • Messy Side Bun Ponytail 24 of 25
    Messy Side Bun Ponytail
    Turn a side bun into a ponytail.
    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.
  • The Professional Pony 25 of 25
    The Professional Pony
    Style a pony higher on your head and smooth the front back for a dramatic look.
    Find out more at Sincerely Jules.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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