25 Totally Pretty Ways to Wear a Headband

A headband may be known as a hair cop-out or a for-kids-only style, but it can actually be a beautiful thing – a sparkly one can dress up any outfit and easily hides greasy hair. There are many ways to get a fresh new look with a boring old headband. Embrace the headband look with these 25 Totally Pretty Ways to Wear a Headband…

  • Dressing it Up 1 of 25
    Dressing it Up
    Let your hair lay natural or give it loose waves and place a headband over all of it including the bangs .
    Find out more at Inspiring Pretty.
  • Headband Meet Heidi 2 of 25
    Headband Meet Heidi
    I love seeing that there are ways to spice up the Heidi braid without looking too busy. A small and sparkly headband is key for this elegant look.
    Spotted at Glamour.
  • Hiding Headband 3 of 25
    Hiding Headband
    Place a headband on top of your hair and roll your hair up and over it into a bun.
    Get the tutorial at Elisa Mclaughlin.
  • How to Rock a Headband & Pony 4 of 25
    How to Rock a Headband & Pony
    It's not always easy to rock them together without losing volume.
    Get the hairstyle tutorial at The Small Things.
  • Add a Little Curl 5 of 25
    Add a Little Curl
    Side sweep your curls and place a thin headband at the highest point of your forehead.
    Find out more at SL Hairstyles.
  • Being Glamorous 6 of 25
    Being Glamorous
    Side part your hair, curl, pin and place a beautiful headband on top.
    Get the full tutorial at Welcome to Projectville.
  • Get Messy 7 of 25
    Get Messy
    Pull back your hair into a messy bun and place a knotted headband in front. Definitely have fun with some bold makeup.
    Find out more at BHLDN.
  • Always a Classic 8 of 25
    Always a Classic
    Loosely pull your hair back with a pretty headband.
    Find out more at My Life is Brilliant.
  • Spin on the Beehive 9 of 25
    Spin on the Beehive
    Style a loose Beehive and place a thin headband towards the back. If you use a piece of ribbon for the headband you can style the cute bow in the back.
    Find out more at Bridal Musings.
  • So Sweet 10 of 25
    So Sweet
    If you've got those full Zooey bangs, place a headband towards the back and curl the rest of your hair for a so sweet style.
    Spotted at Zimbio.
  • The Grecian Goddess 11 of 25
    The Grecian Goddess
    Keep a good chunk of hair forward and only slightly wavy. Loosely pin the rest back and place the headband.
    Spotted at BHLDN.
  • Double Braided 12 of 25
    Double Braided
    Tease up your hair a bit in the back. Pin the rest back and put on the double braided headband.
    Get the headband tutorial at Violet Paper Wings.
  • The Flower Crown 13 of 25
    The Flower Crown
    I'm seeing girls sport a bold headband of flowers all the time and I just love it.
    Find out how to make the Flower Crown at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Save the Day 14 of 25
    Save the Day
    It's all about finding a pretty headband to make this simple style pop. This is great for those days you never made it to the shower.
    Spotted at Glamour.
  • Boho Hippie 15 of 25
    Boho Hippie
    Part your hair in the middle and rock a cute headband. A leather headband and some feathers are always a great addition to this look.
    Spotted at Marie Claire.
  • Big and Beautiful 16 of 25
    Big and Beautiful
    Big headbands are making a statement and why shouldn't they? They can look so beautiful.
    Check it out at Style Clicker.
  • The Low Down 17 of 25
    The Low Down
    Do a side swept, curly low pony with a middle part and place a pretty headband or sash on top.
    Spotted at Mil Peinados.
  • Old Hollywood Style 18 of 25
    Old Hollywood Style
    Get this pretty hairstyle by styling a low bun or chignon on the lower side of your head and add an elegant headband.
    Find out more at Your Best Wedding.
  • Making the Headband the Focus 19 of 25
    Making the Headband the Focus
    Try giving yourself a crown-like style with your headband. Tease up your hair and put it in a bun.
    Find out more at BHLDN.
  • Braided Headband 20 of 25
    Braided Headband
    Use your own hair to make a braided headband.
    Get the tutorial at Keiko Lynn.
  • Hello, Zelda Fitzgerald 21 of 25
    Hello, Zelda Fitzgerald
    Curl up your hair and pin it in the back if it's too long. Place a bold and sparkly headband over the top of your forehead.
    Spotted at Etsy.
  • Braids & Headbands 22 of 25
    Braids & Headbands
    Braid your hair to the side and add a headband on top. If your headband is a long string braid it into your hair. This is a great style for when you're running out the door.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • The Basics 23 of 25
    The Basics
    Twist your hair into a bun and put on a fun headband.
    Find out more at All Women Stalk.
  • Curls Gone Wild 24 of 25
    Curls Gone Wild
    Curl up your hair in tight curls and put a headband on top, but the trick is to make sure the headband doesn't weigh down all those pretty curls.
    Spotted at Wedding Bells.
  • Like a Princess 25 of 25
    Like a Princess
    Put your hair half up and tease the top, leave some loose strands forward and place a thin headband on top.
    Spptted at Hairstyles Utopia.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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