25 Totally Unique Halloween Party Ideas


Halloween is almost here! Yay! Maybe you are planning a party of your own, or maybe you are doing your PTA time at your school’s Halloween bash. Either way, these 25 totally unique Halloween party ideas will have you inspired to create a spooktacular good time. From candy blood slides to pumpkin drink coolers to simple DIY halloween party games, we’ve got an idea that’s just right for your Halloween bash. Check out 25 totally unique Halloween party ideas….

  • Pumpkin Cake 1 of 25
    Pumpkin Cake
    Check it out here.
  • Free Printables 2 of 25
    Free Printables
    Get the free printables here.
  • Silhouette Decor 3 of 25
    Silhouette Decor
    Learn how to make them here.
  • Ghost Milk 4 of 25
    Ghost Milk
    Check it out here.
  • Trick or Treat Bags 5 of 25
    Trick or Treat Bags
    Love the candy bags with trick or treat sayings on them. Check out more pics from this party here here.
  • Witch’s Brew 6 of 25
    Witch's Brew
    Label your drink "witches brew" and it's that much spookier. Spotted here here.
  • Candy Apples 7 of 25
    Candy Apples
    Learn how to make them here.
  • Witch’s Stew Game 8 of 25
    Witch's Stew Game
    Learn how to make this game with straws, scissors, and paper here.
  • Ribs 9 of 25
    So disgusting, but so awesome. Learn how to make this party centerpiece here.
  • Mummy Dogs 10 of 25
    Mummy Dogs
    Learn how to make these mummies here.
  • Candy Blood Slides 11 of 25
    Candy Blood Slides
    These are candy! Awesome! Learn how to make them here.
  • TP Bowling 12 of 25
    TP Bowling
    The kids will love this game. Check it out here.
  • Tissue Balls 13 of 25
    Tissue Balls
    This Amy Atlas party uses orange tissue balls for maximum effect. Check it out here.
  • Chemistry Beverage Service 14 of 25
    Chemistry Beverage Service
    Make your own drinks et with lab supplies, or buy Martha's version here.
  • Party Favors 15 of 25
    Party Favors
    These pop rocks looks extra spooky in a glass bottle. Get the tutorial and free printables here.
  • Apple Teeth 16 of 25
    Apple Teeth
    Who knew apples could be so creepy? Check it out here.
  • Donuts on a String 17 of 25
    Donuts on a String
    It's like bobbing for apples, but it's jumping for dougnuts. Check it out here.
  • Balloon Darts 18 of 25
    Balloon Darts
    Learn how to make this fun balloon game here.
  • Pumpkin Party Bowl 19 of 25
    Pumpkin Party Bowl
    Check it out here.
  • Broom Sticks 20 of 25
    Broom Sticks
    Love the idea of turning pretzels into witches brooms. Check it out here.
  • Corn Dog Centipedes 21 of 25
    Corn Dog Centipedes
    Check it out here.
  • Blood Vials 22 of 25
    Blood Vials
    Those are cocktails! Awesome! Get the recipe here.
  • Mystery Bowls 23 of 25
    Mystery Bowls
    Gross! But fun! Check it out here.
  • Poisonous Parfait 24 of 25
    Poisonous Parfait
    Check out these treats and the rest of this bewitching party here.
  • Candy Corn Flowers 25 of 25
    Candy Corn Flowers
    So simple, yet so cute. Check it out here.

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