25 Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorials

25 Valentine's Day Hair Tutorials
Start your Valentine’s Day countdown by trying out these romantic hairstyles. Make a heart-warming statement by braiding a heart right into your hair. Love all things vintage? The roaring twenties-inspired hairstyle will have you looking like you walked right out of The Great Gatsby. I personally love big hair, so this big bouffant is right up my alley. See more hairstyles in these 25 Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorials…

  • Heart Braid 1 of 25
    Heart Braid
    Braid a heart into your hair for Valentine's Day.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Headband Bun 2 of 25
    Headband Bun
    Pick out a pretty headband with sparkles to use for this tutorial.
    Check it out at Ma Nouvelle Mode.
  • Roaring Twenties Hairstyle 3 of 25
    Roaring Twenties Hairstyle
    Get inspired by Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby with this vintage hairstyle.
    Check it out at Fashezine.
  • Boho Side Bun 4 of 25
    Boho Side Bun
    This is a wonderfully romantic hairstyle that is not too hard at all.
    Find out more at Home Heart Craft.
  • Big Bouffant 5 of 25
    Big Bouffant
    Pop up your hair nice and big in this glamorous style.
    Find out more at Bobby Glam.
  • Criss-Cross Braid 6 of 25
    Criss-Cross Braid
    Pin back your hair into two criss-cross braids with the rest hanging down.
    Find out more at Rock Mosaic.
  • Retro Half-Up 7 of 25
    Retro Half-Up
    Style your hair into a perfectly 60s hairstyle. Put a big bow in the back to dress it up.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.
  • Pinned Back Half-Up 8 of 25
    Pinned Back Half-Up
    Pin your half up into this pretty hairstyle.
    Find out more at The Small Things.
  • Romantic French Twist 9 of 25
    Romantic French Twist
    Here's a romantic hairstyle that is sure to wow.
    Find out more at Latest Hairstyles.
  • Gibson Tuck 10 of 25
    Gibson Tuck
    Style your hair into a Gibson tuck in under 10-minutes.
    Get the tutorial at Sara Lynn Paige.
  • Big Curly Waves 11 of 25
    Big Curly Waves
    Keep your hair long and flowing with this perfect wavy/curl tutorial.
    Find out more at Cara Loren.
  • Braided Gibson Tuck 12 of 25
    Braided Gibson Tuck
    Pull your Dutch braids into a Gibson tuck.
    Find out more at Bobby Glam.
  • Knotted Chignon 13 of 25
    Knotted Chignon
    Tie your hair back into a knotted chignon.
    Find out more at Once Wed.
  • Side Swept 14 of 25
    Side Swept
    Choose a pretty hair clip or headband to top off this style.
    Check it out at The Small Things.
  • Oh So Chic Bun 15 of 25
    Oh So Chic Bun
    Style your hair into a classic and very elegant bun.
    Check it out at Ma Nouvelle Mode.
  • Updo for Short Hair 16 of 25
    Updo for Short Hair
    Pin all your hair back into a faux updo.
    Find out more at ModCloth.
  • Bunch O’ Braids for Short Hair 17 of 25
    Bunch O' Braids for Short Hair
    Make your hair look like an elaborate braided updo with some simple steps.
    Find out more at ModCloth.
  • Fishtail Bun 18 of 25
    Fishtail Bun
    Turn a fishtail braid into a cute bun.
    Check it out at A Bird's Leap.
  • Naturally Curly Bun 19 of 25
    Naturally Curly Bun
    Embrace your natural curls by pinning them up into a romantic bun.
    Find out more at Curly Hairspot.
  • The Fun Bun 20 of 25
    The Fun Bun
    Place a pretty ballerina bun on top of your head and add a sparkly bow.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Classic Beehive 21 of 25
    Classic Beehive
    Go retro on Valentine's Day with this classic beehive.
    Find out more atWish Wish Wish.
  • Waterfall Braid 22 of 25
    Waterfall Braid
    Braid your long locks into a waterfall braid.
    Find out more at A Bird's Leap.
  • Retro French Twist 23 of 25
    Retro French Twist
    Twist your hair up into a French twist with a retro edge.
    Find out more at Love Maegan.
  • Curly Updo 24 of 25
    Curly Updo
    This is a stunning hairstyle that can be done with both naturally curly or straight hair.
    Find out more at Brides.
  • Vintage Waves 25 of 25
    Vintage Waves
    Learn how to master these beautiful vintage waves.
    Check it out at The Beauty Department.

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