25 Ways Not to Dress Your Family for Holiday Photos

There are several options to go with for dressing the family up for the big yearly holiday card. You could all go in complimentary jewel tones, or maybe a matching accent print that is both bold, yet subtle. Just as much as there are many great ways to go, there are also several absolutely terrible options. Dressing your family up as a Christmas tree lot for example, or having mom in a patent leather Santa costume complete with garter. This is just the beginning of the 25 Ways Not to Dress Your Family for Holiday Photos…

  • Adam and Eve Christmas 1 of 25
    Adam and Eve Christmas
    #1 Rule for Holiday Photos - make sure everyone is dressed.
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  • Christmas Tree Lot 2 of 25
    Christmas Tree Lot
    You can always go visit one, no need to dress up as one.
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  • —- in a Box 3 of 25
    ---- in a Box
    And no, that blank does not stand for Jack.
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  • 4 Dancing Princesses 4 of 25
    4 Dancing Princesses
    Everyone is a princess inside their heart. No need to flaunt it.
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  • Patterned up a Storm 5 of 25
    Patterned up a Storm
    Camouflaging with the shag couch is definitely a no-no.
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  • Mary, Joseph, and the Pup 6 of 25
    Mary, Joseph, and the Pup
    Leave the nativity scene for the mantel.
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  • Michael Phelps on Christmas 7 of 25
    Michael Phelps on Christmas
    Please notice the Christmas tree covered in their winnings. Proud parents, check.
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  • Clothes, Please! 8 of 25
    Clothes, Please!
    Don't make the entire wardrobe revolve around a Santa hat only.
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  • Your Favorite Fabric 9 of 25
    Your Favorite Fabric
    Doesn't need to make an appearance in everyone's outfit.
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  • Avoid Bold Patterns 10 of 25
    Avoid Bold Patterns
    Believe it or not, they're a little distracting.
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  • Leave Your Guns at Home 11 of 25
    Leave Your Guns at Home
    Santa may be just a wee bit frightened.
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  • Wrapped in Christmas Joy 12 of 25
    Wrapped in Christmas Joy
    Avoid having little Johnny look like he's being held hostage.
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  • Mmm, Meat 13 of 25
    Mmm, Meat
    As much as I kind of love this, keep the Gaga outfit inspiration for another time.
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  • The Dog Lover 14 of 25
    The Dog Lover
    Bringing the pup in the photo is enough to show your love for it. No need to also wear him on a shirt.
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  • Nightgown Nightmare 15 of 25
    Nightgown Nightmare
    This is all bad.
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  • Leave Cuteness to the Baby 16 of 25
    Leave Cuteness to the Baby
    Only a baby can pull off a cute pair of red long johns.
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  • Subtle is Best 17 of 25
    Subtle is Best
    You lose their faces in the sea of matching sweaters.
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  • Leave the Hot Bod at Home 18 of 25
    Leave the Hot Bod at Home
    Or in this case, just always keep it under clothes.
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  • Mama Gone Wild 19 of 25
    Mama Gone Wild
    Too wild.
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  • O Tannenbaum 20 of 25
    O Tannenbaum
    This probably sounded like a good idea in theory.
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  • Santa’s Sleigh of Horrors 21 of 25
    Santa's Sleigh of Horrors
    There's more where this came from.
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  • And Then There Was One 22 of 25
    And Then There Was One
    Make sure everyone is included in the holiday outfit, don't leave the lone pub crawler to stand out.
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  • The Dreaded Christmas Cap 23 of 25
    The Dreaded Christmas Cap
    Why? Grandma didn't do anything to you.
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  • Christmas is Dead 24 of 25
    Christmas is Dead
    It might be hard, but try to show a hint of Christmas cheer.
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  • All Bad News 25 of 25
    All Bad News
    Make sure Mom doesn't blend in with the surroundings and make sure Dad does.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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