25 Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles

Sometimes it’s a challenge to incorporate a collection of items into your home without making it look like clutter. We’ve found some beautiful ways to display your collection no matter what you collect. From quirky items to classic tea cups there is a way to showcase them and make a statement.

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  • Memory Table 2 of 26

    Use a tabletop and a frame for a functional display.
    Find out more at Sunset.

  • Create Depth 3 of 26

    Arrange your collection on a shelf with size and finishes in mind to create depth in your display like these clocks.
    Find out more at Hilda Grahnat.

  • Clear Box 4 of 26

    Store a collection of small toys in a clear box to display with great style and function like these airplanes.
    Find out more at Emily Henderson.

  • Mural 5 of 26

    Create a colorful wall display.
    Find out more at Land of Nod.

  • Ladder 6 of 26

    Show off your beautiful quilts on an antique ladder.
    Find out more at Tara Beign Tara.

  • Floor to Ceiling 7 of 26

    Create a huge floor to ceiling display to show off your collection.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Cloche 8 of 26

    Put your collection under a cloche to display it from every angle.
    Find out more at Remodelista.

  • Style Balance 9 of 26

    Balance a quirky collection by spreading it across and large bookcase and layering in feminine items.
    Find out more at Desert Domicile.

  • Boxed Shelving 10 of 26

    Break up your collection with boxes mounted together as a whole unit.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Furniture 11 of 26

    Use a furniture piece with divided storage as a way to display .
    Find out more at Natalme.

  • Lamp 12 of 26

    Use a clear lamp base to display a collection of small items like matchboxes.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Color 13 of 26

    Group your collection by color for a beautiful display.
    Find out more at Design Formula.

  • Hanging Cups 14 of 26

    Create a high impact display by hanging it.
    Find out more at Inked Weddings.

  • Frames 15 of 26

    Highlight your collection by framing it.
    Find out more at Tim Melideo.

  • Glass Case 16 of 26

    Use a glass case with a pop of color at the back to display your collection.
    Find out more at Villa Honka Salo.

  • Bar Cart 17 of 26

    Display your liquor and bar essentials beautifully on a bar cart.
    Find out more at Lonny.

  • Globes 18 of 26

    Group a collection together on shelves at varying heights.
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.

  • Shadow Boxes 19 of 26

    Display small items in multiple shadow boxes.
    Find out more at Elsita.

  • Photos 20 of 26

    Create a large display of many small photos.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Shape Shelves 21 of 26

    Display your books in a more interesting way with shaped shelves.
    Find out more at iDesgin Arch.

  • Jewelry 22 of 26

    Beautiful glass bottles and jewelry make an incredible display for both collections.
    Find out more at Something Created Everyday.

  • Cake Stand 23 of 26

    Instead of sticking your collection of perfume in a drawer display it on a cake stand.
    Find out more at The Decorologist.

  • Spacing 24 of 26

    Spread the collection out in larger cube shelves to bring attention to the display.
    Find out more at Dwell.

  • Art 25 of 26

    Display your child's collection artwork without being overwhelmed.
    Find out more at Decor8.

  • Stack 26 of 26

    Go vertical with large scale collections and stack them up.
    Find out more at Where Women Create.

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