25 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling (and Always)

The majority of home break-ins happen during the summer months. Prepare your home so the unthinkable doesn’t happen while you are enjoying family time on the beach. Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign, even if you don’t have a dog. Cut back your hedges so there aren’t easy places to hide. Keep reading to see more simple way to keep your thieves away, even if you don’t have vacation plans. Check them out in the 25 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling (and Always).

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  • Social Media 2 of 26

    Don't announce your vacation plans or post while you are out of town on social media.

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  • Neighbors 3 of 26

    Have trusted neighbors keep an eye on your house while you're away.

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  • Paper & Mail 4 of 26

    Stop your mail and paper service temporarily while you are out of town or have someone designated to collect it for you.

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  • Trash 5 of 26

    Don't leave trash or trash cans by the curb while you are out of town. It's a red flag that you aren't there when you are the only one on the street with the trash out.

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  • Dog 6 of 26

    Dogs are a deterrent to thieves. If you aren't a dog person, fake it with a sign to make a robber think twice.

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  • Packaging 7 of 26

    Don't leave the packaging to big purchases on the curb. It immediately lets others know what new expensive TV you bought.

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  • Landscaping 8 of 26

    The landscaping around your home, especially near the windows, should be pruned back so thieves don't have a place to hide.

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  • Senor Lighting 9 of 26

    Have sensor lighting installed outside.

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  • Safe 10 of 26

    Conceal valuables in a safe or hidden area. Nothing valuable should be in view from a window.

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  • Alarm 11 of 26

    Have an alarm to monitor your home or put an alarm company sign in your yard and windows to make the robber think you have an alarm.

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  • Timer on Lights 12 of 26

    Set your lights on an automatic timer to make the home appear to be occupied.

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  • Unscheduled Guests 13 of 26

    Don't let unscheduled and unauthorized people into your home. This seems so easy, but it's a common mistake that leads to your home being cased.

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  • Curtains 14 of 26

    Hang curtains to give yourself privacy at night when it's easy to look inside your home.

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  • Hide a Key 15 of 26

    Don't hide a key outside your home .... especially in the front yard where someone could drive by and see you retrieve it.

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  • Change Locks 16 of 26

    Change your locks when you purchase a new home to ensure there are no other copies of your house key out there.

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  • Outdoor Lighting 17 of 26

    Every outdoor entrance needs to have lighting so there's no possibility of someone breaking into a door under the cover of darkness.

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  • Auxiliary Lock 18 of 26

    Sliding doors and windows should have an auxiliary lock, so they can't be taken off their sliders during a break in.

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  • Deadbolt Doors 19 of 26

    Put a deadbolt lock on exterior doors. Make sure to lock up every door and window before heading out of town.

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  • House Sitter 20 of 26

    Hire a house sitter to stay at your house while you are gone. If you have pets, consider a pet sitter who checks on the pets throughout the day instead of boarding them.

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  • Garage Door 21 of 26

    Disconnect your garage door to ensure no universal opener will work on it.

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  • Peephole 22 of 26

    Have a peephole on your front door to monitor who is knocking before you open the door.

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  • GPS 23 of 26

    If you are parking at the airport, don't leave a portable GPS in your car. Someone could steal it and have access to your home address and know you are gone.

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  • Police 24 of 26

    Alert the police that you will be out of town. Some cities will have police drive by your home on occasion.

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  • Keys 25 of 26

    Don't place your house or car keys near the door for an easy swipe.

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  • Lock Up 26 of 26

    Double check that you have locked all doors and windows. Secure your house before you head out.

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