25 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

After the big day you may find yourself tucking away that wedding dress you cherish into the back of your closet. While saving it for your daughter to wear at her wedding is one option, why not try out one of these 25 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress? Donate it to another bride in need, or take it to the beach for a fun Trash the Dress photo shoot. Use part of it to make Christening gown for your first baby and sew a cover for your wedding album with the rest. The possibilites are endless…

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  • Dyed Wedding Dress 2 of 26

    Dye it a fun bright color.
    Find out more at Bonnie Projects.

  • Trash the Dress 3 of 26

    Have a "Trash the Dress" photo shoot to get messy or a beautiful photo shoot in the beach.
    Find out more at 3 Bad Mice.

  • Christening Gown 4 of 26

    Turn your wedding dress into a christening gown.
    Find out more at Wedding Belle.

  • Donate 5 of 26

    Donate it to a bride in need.
    Find out more at Blue 17.

  • Pretty Pillow 6 of 26

    Turn it into something smaller and more manageable, like a pillow.
    Find out more at Blue 17.

  • Wedding Dress Party 7 of 26

    Throw a wedding dress party with your friends where you get to wear them all over again.
    Photo via My Wedding.

  • High-Low Dress 8 of 26

    Cut the skirt to turn it into a pretty high-low dress.
    Find out more at Wedding Belle.

  • Princess Dress 9 of 26

    Use it to make a princess dress for a little girl.
    Find out more at Make It and Love It.

  • Tulle Skirt 10 of 26

    Use the excess tulle to make a fun and frilly tutu skirt.
    Find out more at Maria Just Do It.

  • Halloween Costume 11 of 26

    Splatter it with fake blood to turn it into a zombie bride costume.
    Photo via Etsy.

  • Tablecloth and Napkins 12 of 26

    Use the skirt of the dress to make a tablecloth or turn into napkins.
    Find out more at Wedding Belle.

  • Satin Clutch 13 of 26

    Use the fabric from the skirt to make a cute purse you can use more than once.
    Photo via Interest Box.

  • Photo Album Cover 14 of 26

    Wrap your wedding photo album in fabric from your wedding dress. If you have lace, use it to add details to the album too.
    Photo via Made with Love.

  • Baby Bassinet 15 of 26

    Use the skirt to make a baby bassinet.
    Get the tutorial at EHow.

  • Pendant Necklace 16 of 26

    Save a small piece to add to a necklace.
    Spotted at Etsy.

  • Lace Vase 17 of 26

    Use the lace to decoupage onto a vase.
    Find out more at Urban Comfort.

  • Lace and Tulle Scarf 18 of 26

    Make a pretty lace and tulle scarf.
    Find out more at Joann.

  • Earring Holder 19 of 26

    Frame a piece of fabric from your dress to make an earring holder.
    Find out more at UCreate Crafts.

  • Ornament 20 of 26

    Save a piece of your dress inside a glass ornament for Christmas.
    Spotted at Paper Blog.

  • Christmas Tree Skirt 21 of 26

    Use the skirt of the dress to make the perfect Christmas tree skirt.
    Find out more at Wedding Bee.

  • Burlap and Lace Bunting 22 of 26

    Reuse the fabric to make a burlap and lace banner.
    Image via Etsy.

  • Wedding Wreath 23 of 26

    Upcycle your wedding dress into a wreath.
    Spotted Stitch Craft Create.

  • Drawstring Purse 24 of 26

    Sew a cute drawstring bag and save your wedding jewelry inside.
    Find out more at Stitch Craft Create.

  • Baby Blanket 25 of 26

    Use the satin fabric to make the border of a baby blanket.
    Find out more at Sew 4 Home.

  • Frilly Headband 26 of 26

    Use the lace to make a headband. You could use excess fabric to make fabric flowers too.
    Spotted at The Beauty Thesis.

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