25 Ways to Spruce up Your Cubicle!

25 ways to spruce up your cubicle

When I worked in a cubicle, I loved to fill my desk with cute little illustrated post-its, striped paper clips, and colorful desk accessories. Most offices are so drab so it really helps to add some color to your day. I recently stumbled upon some really pretty office supplies that I had to share! My favorite might be these gorgeous leather file folders, below, though it’s tough to choose a favorite!

  • Leather File Folders 1 of 25
    Leather File Folders
    For a fresh take on a classic office supply, stock up on some of these gorgeous leather and suede file folders.
    Purchase for $120 at STNTN
  • Delfonics Pencils 2 of 25
    Delfonics Pencils
    Brighten up daily tasks with these pretty pencils that are made in Japan.
    Purchase for $10 at Alder & Co.
  • Old-Fashioned Stapler 3 of 25
    Old-Fashioned Stapler
    This old-fashioned stapler will be around forever. It adds a beautiful vintage touch to any desk.
    Purchase for $125 at Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Brass Pencil Sharpener 4 of 25
    Brass Pencil Sharpener
    Keep this beautiful little brass pencil sharpener on your desk to keep pencils meeting-ready and also to add a bit of shine to your desk.
    Purchase for $19 at Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Eraser Brush 5 of 25
    Eraser Brush
    This lovely eraser comes with a brush made of horsehair bristles.
    Purchase for $27 at Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Blackwing Pencils 6 of 25
    Blackwing Pencils
    A big stash of these pencils from Japan will look gorgeous sitting on a desk in a pretty ceramic cup.
    Purchase for $20 at Kaufmann Mercantile
  • 2013 Planner 7 of 25
    2013 Planner
    This planner features a gold embossed icons on the front.
    Purchase for £6.50 at Present & Correct
  • Cut-Out Calendar 8 of 25
    Cut-Out Calendar
    This clever cut-out calendar will look great pinned to your cubicle wall.
    Purchase for £17.50 at Present & Correct
  • 5 Year Diary 9 of 25
    5 Year Diary
    This clothbound diary will last for 5 years! Choose from beautiful blue and lavender covers.
    Purchase for 29.50 EUR at RSVP
  • Inspirational Folder 10 of 25
    Inspirational Folder
    Any document is more inspiring when housed in this adorable folder!
    Purchase for $6 at Madewell
  • Turquoise Sticky Notes 11 of 25
    Turquoise Sticky Notes
    Use these colorful sticky notes are a great way to keep lists and reminders at hand.
    Purchase for $9 at Madewell
  • Rollbahn Notebook 12 of 25
    Rollbahn Notebook
    This pretty pink notebook is great for meetings, lists, or scribbles.
    Purchase for $9 at Madewell
  • Paper Shredder 13 of 25
    Paper Shredder
    The paper shredder has never looked so good! These little shredders are easy to use and perfect for small spaces.
    Purchase for $45 at Poketo
  • Colorful Mugs 14 of 25
    Colorful Mugs
    These colorful ceramic mugs look like chipped enamel but are actually ceramic!
    Purchase for $12 at Poketo
  • Pouches 15 of 25
    These cute little pouches are perfect to keep receipts in.
    Purchase for $24 at Archival Clothing
  • Wooden Boxes 16 of 25
    Wooden Boxes
    Organize your desk with these colorful wooden boxes from Denmark.
    Purchase for $56 at Leif
  • Striped Paper Clips 17 of 25
    Striped Paper Clips
    Organizing papers has never been more fun! These striped paper clips make every paper look prettier.
    Purchase for $6 at Paper Spill
  • Wooden Whale Organizer 18 of 25
    Wooden Whale Organizer
    Add some humor to your desk with this adorable whale organizer, handmade in Michigan.
    Purchase for $65 at The Utility Collective
  • Modern Tape Dispenser 19 of 25
    Modern Tape Dispenser
    This modern tape dispenser will brighten up your desk!
    Purchase for $39 at The Future Perfect
  • Vintage Pencil Sharpener 20 of 25
    Vintage Pencil Sharpener
    I remember these from my school days! It'd be so great to have one again. It comes with a clamp to attach it to a counter.
    Purchase for $24 at The Museum of Useful Things
  • Ikea Organizer 21 of 25
    Ikea Organizer
    Keep your desk neat and tidy with this cork-lined organizer from IKEA.
    Purchase for $6 at Ikea
  • 4-Way Rubber-Bands 22 of 25
    4-Way Rubber-Bands
    These 4-way rubber bands are a great way to keep documents safe and secure.
    Purchase for $6 at The Museum of Useful Things
  • Donkey Note Holder 23 of 25
    Donkey Note Holder
    Keep important reminders front and center with this adorable red donkey note holder!
    Purchase for $15 at Monkey Business
  • Yellow Metal Filing Bin 24 of 25
    Yellow Metal Filing Bin
    Add a dash of color to your desk with this bright yellow metal filing bin.
    Purchase for $20 at Urban Outfitters
  • Paper Airplane Pushpins 25 of 25
    Paper Airplane Pushpins
    These molded metal pushpins are shaped into paper airplanes, adding a bit of interest to any bulletin board.
    Purchase for $6 at Urban Outfitters

Top photo: Present & Correct. All photos from respective sources. 


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