25 Ways to Wear Flowers this Spring!


I love wearing floral prints! I don’t like to draw a lot of attention to myself though, so I stick to pretty subtle prints or bold prints with simple cuts. There are so many fantastic floral pieces out in the shops right now. Add just a touch of floral to an outfit with printed ballet flats or calico socks, or go bold with a poppy-print dress in red and purple! My personal favorite is the raincoat lined in Liberty of London floral cotton! I’d love to wear that on those dark, rainy Portland days. Take a peek at my other favorites, below.

  • Liberty Lined Raincoat 1 of 25
    Liberty Lined Raincoat
    This darling waxed cotton raincoat is lined with a floral Liberty print! Such a great way to warm up cool, rainy days.
    $446.56 Plumo
  • Floral Socks 2 of 25
    Floral Socks
    Keep your feet warm with these sweet floral socks!
    $12.50 J.Crew
  • Blue Floral Toothpick Jeans 3 of 25
    Blue Floral Toothpick Jeans
    These toothpick jeans are printed in a meadow Liberty print in blue, red and yellow.
    $150.00 J.Crew
  • Kate Spade Dress 4 of 25
    Kate Spade Dress
    This cheery floral dress is made from silk and cotton. Pair it with classic heels for a fun, girly look.
    $378 Nordstrom
  • Blue Floral Blazer 5 of 25
    Blue Floral Blazer
    If you like a more feminine take on the tomboy look, consider this darling floral blazer! Add it to jeans and t-shirt outfits to mix things up a little.
    $225 J.Crew
  • Marc Jacobs Bi-Color Floral Dress 6 of 25
    Marc Jacobs Bi-Color Floral Dress
    Wear this glamorous floral dress for fancy parties or weddings, or dress it down for work with a denim jacket.
    $985 Nordstrom
  • Pink Floral Jeans 7 of 25
    Pink Floral Jeans
    Pair these pink floral jeans with a dark navy top and leather flats to contrast the sweet floral print.
    $89.99 J.Crew
  • Muted Daisy Top 8 of 25
    Muted Daisy Top
    This cheeky top features muted daisies and dolls.
    $82.99 Need Supply
  • Paul & Joe Floral Dress 9 of 25
    Paul & Joe Floral Dress
    This classic floral dress features a pleated skirt. Pair it with tights and flats for winter and bare legs and sandals for spring and summer.
    $312.21 ASOS
  • Liberty Flats 10 of 25
    Liberty Flats
    Add a sweet floral print to your feet with this adorable Liberty flats.
    $198.00 J.Crew
  • Gathered Waist Dress 11 of 25
    Gathered Waist Dress
    This dark floral print will become a year-round favorite. Pair with tights and boots in the winter and sandals in the summer.
    $219.25 ASOS
  • Pleated Floral Skirt 12 of 25
    Pleated Floral Skirt
    Pair this floral skirt with a dotted top for a sweet mix and match look.
    $398 J.Crew
  • Bold Yellow Floral Dress 13 of 25
    Bold Yellow Floral Dress
    This tropical floral dress is a nod to the 90's with the gathered skirt and spaghetti straps.
    $35.08 ASOS
  • Calico Dress 14 of 25
    Calico Dress
    This is an updated version of a 1940's classic. The top features navy piping and elbow-length sleeves.
    $79.81 ASOS
  • Floral Poppy Dress 15 of 25
    Floral Poppy Dress
    This bold floral dress features a silky fabric in a loose silhouette.
    $38.59 ASOS
  • Faded Floral Dress 16 of 25
    Faded Floral Dress
    This faded floral dress features a bow front and layered sleeves and skirt.
    $43.85 ASOS
  • Mixed Floral Dress 17 of 25
    Mixed Floral Dress
    Save this fun dress for summer picnics and days at the beach!
    $43.85 ASOS
  • 40’s Inspired Dress 18 of 25
    40's Inspired Dress
    This fluttery little dress features a light and airy floral print on a white background. The design is inspired 40's dress styles.
    More information at Sessun
  • Aqua and Pink Floral 19 of 25
    Aqua and Pink Floral
    Perfect for warm weather trips or a special sunny vacation, this turquoise and pink dress features an open back with skinny straps and ties.
    More information at Sessun
  • Floral Skirt 20 of 25
    Floral Skirt
    This light and airy floral skirt is perfect for pattern mixing!
    More information at Sessun
  • Ankle Length Dress 21 of 25
    Ankle Length Dress
    Wear this mini floral print dress for a subtle take on the ankle-length dress.
    More information at Thomsen
  • Aqua Print Top 22 of 25
    Aqua Print Top
    Pair this beachy floral with denim cut-offs for a sweet summer uniform.
    More information at Thomsen
  • Mini Print Floral Sundress 23 of 25
    Mini Print Floral Sundress
    Wear this dress on lazy summer days and picnics.
    More information at Thomsen
  • Floral Button-Up 24 of 25
    Floral Button-Up
    Dress this floral top up or down for work or play.
    More information at Thomsen
  • Floral Dress 25 of 25
    Floral Dress
    This spaghetti strap dress features a pretty peplum at the waist.
    More information at Fischer

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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