25 Of The Wildest Pools You've Ever Seen

Have you ever wanted to take a dive into a pool over 100 feet deep? Or would you prefer a more shallow pool to relax in, like a New York dumpster pool? What about having a sip of beer while you take a dip in a beer pool? It’s pretty outrageous to see all the innovative ideas people have come up with to create a one-of-a-kind swimming experience. The infinity pools are relaxing and luxurious, while the croc and shark filled pools are perfect for those that are wild at heart. Get ready to dive into summer with 25 Wildest Pools You’ve Ever Seen. Chances are you may just want to cruise by one this summer vacation…

  • Strummin’ On the Ol’ Pool Guitar 1 of 25
    I never mastered the guitar but I could surely master swimming in one.
    Spotted at Curious and Funny Pictures.
  • Swim Through Mayan Ruins 2 of 25
    No, not the real ones.
    Spotted at Uptake.
  • Diving on Key 3 of 25
    It would be even cooler if you could play those keys.
    Check it out at Modern Design Interior.
  • Kitty Pool 4 of 25
    Used to be at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Why would you tear out such a thing?
    Check it out at Photographers Gallery.
  • World’s Largest Swimming Pool 5 of 25
    This epic pool contains 66 million gallons of salt water and covers 20 acres, yikes!
    Find out more at Epidemic Fun.
  • Never Could I Ever 6 of 25
    Do you think you have guts enough to swim in this infinity pool?
    Check it out at Daily Mail.
  • Swimming with the Sharks 7 of 25
    Although you don't have to actually swim with sharks to enjoy this pool, you can definitely zip by them in the underwater water slide.
    Spotted at Okeanos.
  • Your Ultimate Workout 8 of 25
    This pool is 300-feet long. Try doing laps all day in that.
    Check it out at Real Properties Florida.
  • Dive to the Depth 9 of 25
    Kick back and relax or dive down to the bottom of the world's deepest diving pool.
    Find out more at Nemo 33.
  • Luxury on an Aegean Cliff 10 of 25
    This infinity pool has been on the cover of world famous travel magazines, I think I know why.
    Spotted at Perivolas.
  • Swimming Over Main Street 11 of 25
    The pool at The Joule jets out over the street.
    Spotted at Lost at Minor.
  • Watch from the Stairs 12 of 25
    The pool at the W in Fort Lauderdale has a staircase in the middle that you can watch from, or go underneath and watch the swimmers from below.
    Check it out at Oyster.
  • Swim With the Crocs 13 of 25
    You will be much closer to a crocodile than you ever imagined at Crocosaurus Cove.
    Check it out at Metro.
  • Pantheon Pool 14 of 25
    How cool is this underground geothermal pool?
    Check it out at Oobject.
  • A Pool for Every Occasion 15 of 25
    The Grand Wailea Canyon Activity pool is not just one, but 9 activity pools with slides and a Tarzan rope swing.
    Find out more at Grand Wailea.
  • Lady in Red Pool 16 of 25
    The blood red tiles used in this pool give it the look that the water is in fact blood red.
    Find out more at Hotel Chatter.
  • Take a Sip, I mean Dip 17 of 25
    Believe it or not these pools are filled with beer. I would like the Stella pool, please.
    Find out more at Gizmodo.
  • Ocean Dome 18 of 25
    This massive indoor swimming pool has a painted ceiling to make it look as though you are swimming under blue skies.
    Check it out at Kirai.
  • Ski and Swim 19 of 25
    After a long day of skiing in the Chilean Andes go for a swim in the heated snow-side pool.
    Find out more at Traveller Inspiration.
  • Dumpster Diving, Literally 20 of 25
    In New York a couple of dumpsters saved people from the summer heat when they were converted into pools.
    Check it out at New York Times.
  • Cargo Ships 21 of 25
    A sunken hull of a cargo ship now turned swimming pool.
    Find out more at Inhabitat.
  • Inverted Pool 22 of 25
    These people look as though they're underwater, but really the pool is above them.
    Spotted at Moco Art.
  • Balcony Pools 23 of 25
    Why can't all balconies look like this?
    Spotted at Bored Panda.
  • From the Pool to the Sea 24 of 25
    A quick look at this pool and you wouldn't be able to tell where the pool ended and the ocean began.
    Check it out at Bulgari.
  • Devil’s Swimming Pool 25 of 25
    Located in Zimbabwe, is a natural pool on top of a 400 foot waterfall. Would you swim in it?
    Find out more at Snopes.

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