23 Worst Baby Shower Games

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Baby showers are all about having fun and celebrating this new life coming into the world, which is why it’s probably best to steer clear from games that will make the new mom feel huge or stressed out, force your guests to be placed in awkward situations — like using a toilet paper roll and a stick to mimic conception — and/or require wives to feed their husbands milk from baby bottles. So before you plan the next shower, make sure to avoid the 23 worst baby shower games:

1. How The Baby Was Made

Reenact your baby’s conception with a stick and a toilet paper roll. No, thank you.
Find out more at Cooking with Jilly.

2. Guess The Baby Food

Sometimes babies don’t even want to eat this stuff. Don’t put your guests through that.
Find out more at Cara Lee.

3. Don’t Say Baby

Since some guests might not know each other well, probably not a great idea to hinder their conversation by keeping them from talking about something they likely could have in common.
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4. Measure Mommy

She might not love getting measured to see how big she really is getting.
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5. Bottle Fed

Making guests chug drinks from a bottle can be awkward for everyone no matter what you put in it.
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6. Baby Dress Up

You know how you got all dressed up cute for the shower? Well, cover yourself in toilet paper now.
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7. My Water Broke

Not only are the tiny babies creepy, but the idea of having your water break isn’t something that makes you thirsty.
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8. Smell The Poop

I think the photo does the talking.
Find out more at Mom Spotted.

9. Chewing Gum Baby

Who came up with this exactly?
Find out more at Kinzie’s Kreations.

10. Balloon Diaper Change

There are much cuter parts to act out with a baby than changing it’s diaper.
Check it out at Catch My Party.

11. Baby Word Search

There won’t be too much mingling with a game like this.
Check it out at Baby Shower Savvy.

12. Pin The Embryo In The Womb

You might as well have pin the sperm to the egg while you’re at it.
Spotted at Media.

13. Sperm Meet Egg

Oh wait, there it is.
Check it out at Pin the Sperm on the Egg.

14. Guess The Item

Who knows what could be in these bags?!
Check it out at The Bean Sprout Notes.

15. Toilet Paper Diapers

Let’s leave diapers to cute adorable babies.

16. Rice And Safety Pins

There are plenty of other games out there that I’m sure could bring laughs and smiles, without the possibility of, “ouch!”
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17. Memory

Playing a memory game with baby items seems cruel to those ladies’ baby brain.
Check it out at Snapshots of Life.

18. Who Did It?

This game is cute in theory, until the mom-to-be is revealed to have wet the bed until middle school.
Check it out at C.R.A.F.T.

19. Animal Baby Match

Probably better for an elementary school than a baby shower.
Find out more at Shower in a Box.

20. Baby Charades

Please don’t act out giving birth or the night the baby was made. Let’s just scrap charades altogether.
Find out more at eHow.

21. Dirty Winner

Everyone gets a cute tiny diaper, but the winner is the one with the chocolate surprise. Gross.
Find out more at Happy Home Fairy.

22. Tinkle In The Pot

It’s not the mama’s fault she has to race to the bathroom every 5-minutes.
Find out more at Birds and Soap.

23. Feed The Man Baby

In this game, the wives feed their husbands baby bottles and see who drinks it the fastest. This is just weird.
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