25 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

While you’re out shopping for Mom this year, spare her the new vacuum, broom, or what you consider to be “the coolest garage sale find.” As much as you think she will light up when you hand her the Anthropologie apron that she’s had her eye on, save it for another day. There’s a lot of wonderful gifts Mom would appreciate, but these 25 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts definitely do not make the cut.

  • 25 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts 1 of 26
    25 Worst Mother's Day Gifts

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  • Vacuum Cleaner 2 of 26

    There's nothing that quite says, Thanks Mom, like a new vacuum cleaner. Said no one ever.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Toothpaste 3 of 26

    Wrong for so many reasons.
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  • Spanx 4 of 26

    "I love you sweetheart, but here, why don't you snap on a fresh pair of these?"
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  • Baby Bjorn With a Note Saying… 5 of 26

    Now you can have two hands free while you cook and clean.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Fancy Toilet Brush 6 of 26

    Doesn't matter how fancy it is, don't wanna do it.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Weight Watchers Membership 7 of 26

    Way to drop a hint.
    Spotted at Weight Watchers.

  • Tacky Lingerie 8 of 26

    Spotted at Amazon.

  • His Favorite Video Game 9 of 26

    It's a win - win situation in his mind.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Car Wash Kit 10 of 26

    Because all she wants to do on Mother's Day is clean.
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  • Something He Really Wants 11 of 26

    Pretty much any gift that benefits him more than you.
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  • Parenting Books 12 of 26

    I guess you could use it to smack him over the head with.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Garage Sale Finds 13 of 26

    Doesn't exactly say, best mom around.
    Spotted at Etsy.

  • A Basket of Spa Products… 14 of 26

    Including cellulite cream.
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  • Broom 15 of 26

    Sweep him right out the door with this.
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  • Razors 16 of 26

    Or the "Remember how you used to groom before you had kids?" gift.
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  • Jumper Cables 17 of 26

    I bet Mom can't wait to run out and use these.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Sports Equipment… 18 of 26

    For a sport you don't play.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Slanket 19 of 26

    Even the word sounds unattractive.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Deodorant 20 of 26

    At this point, you're better off telling her she smells.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Apron 21 of 26

    Doesn't matter how cute it might be, she doesn't want it.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Fake Flowers 22 of 26

    Ditch the flowers, buddy.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Breakfast in Bed 23 of 26

    But leaving the dishes for her to clean up.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.

  • Best Mom Mug 24 of 26

    Or anything "best mom" that wasn't made by her kid.
    Spotted at Amazon.

  • Time Alone With the Kids 25 of 26

    Because what mom really wants an hour of peace and quiet?
    Photo via at Cha Chai.

  • Brunch Alone with Her Mother-in-Law 26 of 26

    Time alone with the kids doesn't sound so bad anymore.
    Image via Monster-in-Law.

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