27 Modern Mobiles for Baby and Beyond

Whether you’re searching for some finishing touches to your baby nursery or just hanging art for your living room, mobiles have a peaceful, zen-like property that captivates adults as much as babies.

For those who prefer clean, modern lines (and no blinking lights and blaring music!), these mobiles are perfect for the baby room and beyond:

  • Blossom Baby Modern Mobile, $88 1 of 27
    Blossom Baby Modern Mobile, $88
    This handmade mobile by Etsy-favorite Puka Puka is designed especially to captivate babies with its bright colors and mesmerizing movements.
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  • Schmitt Design Sprig Mobile, $75 – $98 2 of 27
    Schmitt Design Sprig Mobile, $75 - $98
    Modern-mobile connoisseurs know Schmitt Design for their covet-worthy (and pricey!) designs, yet their Etsy shop is a great way to find limited production, special offer, or close-out sale mobiles.
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  • Sqrl & Bee Studio, $70 – $100 3 of 27
    Sqrl & Bee Studio, $70 - $100
    This Etsy shop makes these bright, playful mobiles out of all-natural, needle-felted wool — landing in our Best Eco-Friendly Mobiles list.
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  • Traffic Mobile from Djeco, $35.95 4 of 27
    Traffic Mobile from Djeco, $35.95
    We love this artistically illustrated traffic mobile so much (measuring at an impressive 40"-wide) that it landed on our Best Mobiles list.
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  • Transportation Multi Mobile, $75 5 of 27
    Transportation Multi Mobile, $75
    This transportation mobile (created by Frazier & Wing for DwellStudio) might be the most coveted mobile for baby boys.
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  • Wooden Bear Mobile, $35 6 of 27
    Wooden Bear Mobile, $35
    A rustic all-natural wooden mobile with sleek lines and simple shapes.
    Buy from The Red Bird Shop.
  • Mr. Moustache Baby Mobile, $28 7 of 27
    Mr. Moustache Baby Mobile, $28
    For the little gentleman in your life.
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  • Logan Mobile, $80 8 of 27
    Logan Mobile, $80
    This feminine Frazier & Wing mobile is sold exclusively through Olli & Lime.
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  • Flensted Mobiles Flowing Rhythm Large Red Mobile, $998 9 of 27
    Flensted Mobiles Flowing Rhythm Large Red Mobile, $998
    A true mobile-lover splurge, this pricey Flensted mobile will captivate adults as much as babies.
    Buy from Design Public
  • The Modern Baby Company Little Lion Mobile, $48 10 of 27
    The Modern Baby Company Little Lion Mobile, $48
    This cute little lion family is made from laser-cut birch wood.
    Buy from Fawn & Forest
  • Skwish Mobile, $50 11 of 27
    Skwish Mobile, $50
    If you're already considering a giggle gift registry, check out this modern baby mobile in bold primary colors.
    Buy from giggle
  • I Can Count My 123s, $46 12 of 27
    I Can Count My 123s, $46
    The Etsy shop MiChiMaLAND makes these playful stuffed-felt mobiles of ABCs and 123s in bright baby-loving colors.
    Buy from MiChiMaLAND
  • Marine Hanging Mobile, $130 -$170 13 of 27
    Marine Hanging Mobile, $130 -$170
    Puka Puka's marine mobiles are inspired by the shapes, colors and movements of the Australian ocean. (Made with non-toxic and 100% recyclable polypropylene.)
    Buy from Puka Puka
  • Bird Mobile, $59 14 of 27
    Bird Mobile, $59
    Unlike Puka Puka's typically abstract mobiles, this vibrant bird mobile has a little more kid appeal — although it would still look gorgeous in any room in the house.
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  • Petite Collage Bamboo Mobiles, $56 – $66 15 of 27
    Petite Collage Bamboo Mobiles, $56 - $66
    The entire collection of Petite Collage mobiles is made from laser-cut bamboo — an earth-friendly renewable resource.
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  • Flensted Mobiles Circular Bunnies, $33 16 of 27
    Flensted Mobiles Circular Bunnies, $33
    The Flensted mobile collection at Design Public ranges from under $25 to over $1,000, but I especially love these light-catching translucent bunnies with geometric shapes and contrasting colors that will captivate infants.
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  • Artecnica Themis Mobile, $29.50 17 of 27
    Artecnica Themis Mobile, $29.50
    Another affordable modern mobile, I can see this hanging in a sleek, minimalist baby nursery that needs a pop of color.
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  • Birds Mobile from Djeco, $31.45 18 of 27
    Birds Mobile from Djeco, $31.45
    I love the bright, warm colors on this modern bird mobile.
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  • Spring Rainy Clouds by The Butter Flying, $26 – $170 19 of 27
    Spring Rainy Clouds by The Butter Flying, $26 - $170
    This Etsy shop makes cloud-and-raindrop mobiles in a variety of color combos. Sweet and delicate, I can see them gently swaying over a baby crib.
    Buy from The Butter Flying
  • Mid.Cent.Mod, $36 20 of 27
    Mid.Cent.Mod, $36
    While this might not be your first choice to hang over your newborn baby's head, this mobile (featuring classic mid-century modern chairs) would be perfect in your office.
    Buy from Salty and Sweet
  • Honey Bunny Mobile, $36 21 of 27
    Honey Bunny Mobile, $36
    If you love the look of Salty and Sweet's laser-cut black mobiles, this adorable bunny mobile might be a more fitting choice for a nursery.
    Buy from Salty and Sweet
  • Rift Mobile, $248 22 of 27
    Rift Mobile, $248
    And then there are some modern mobiles that look more like hanging art than a simple baby distraction. The gentle arches and curves of this Rift Mobile evoke different forms as it twists and turns.
    Buy from Schmitt Design
  • Frazier & Wing Parker Mobile, $58 23 of 27
    Frazier & Wing Parker Mobile, $58
    Another modern mobile from Frazier & Wing, this one's bold contrasting colors will stimulate baby's developing eyesight.
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  • Plan Toys Mobile, $49.49 24 of 27
    Plan Toys Mobile, $49.49
    For modern parents concerned about safety and responsibility as much as sleek design, this Plan Toys mobile is made from natural, chemical-free, recycled rubber wood with non-toxic, water-based dyes. And all of the hanging objects can be played with separately as grasping toys and rattles.
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  • Felted Elephants Baby Mobile, $59 25 of 27
    Felted Elephants Baby Mobile, $59
    Sewn Natural is one of my all-time favorite Etsy shops for babies and kids, specializing in all-natural, organic baby must-haves. Their elephant mobile is made from hand-dyed wool felt hanging from a piece of locally found driftwood.
    Buy from Sewn Natural
  • Baby Mobile Airplanes, $36 26 of 27
    Baby Mobile Airplanes, $36
    A fun, modern take on the classic paper airplane.
    Buy from Cactus and Olive
  • Ferm Living Story Mobile, $59.95 27 of 27
    Ferm Living Story Mobile, $59.95
    Not only is this a pretty mobile to bob in the breeze, but it comes with a bedtime story featuring all of the hanging figures.
    Buy from Fawn & Forest

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