3 DIY Rooms Using Stencils

Stencils tend to have a negative feeling connected to them … at least in my mind! Stencils have always been those poorly designed, super cheap, and downright ugly things you buy at the craft store. Up until recently, I would have never even considered putting stenciled patterns on my walls, floors, or any other part of my home. But these three stenciled rooms have changed my mind! Think outside the standard stencil and create your own amazing and unique stencil that will make your space look stunning. You will most likely save yourself some time and money. Who wants to replace flooring or buy wallpaper? No one, that’s who. Here are three perfect examples of some DIY rooms that do stencils right.

stencil 01

1. That’s not wallpaper

It’s a stenciled wall! Sure this would be super time-consuming, but the outcome looks incredible, and paint isn’t quite as permanent as wallpaper. This geometric pattern is so bold and stunning. It looks like something that maybe was made back in the day and is back in style now. And those colors! The pink and the navy go perfectly together. It’s a great way to add some light feminine color to the bathroom without it feeling too girly. I love it!

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stencil 02

2. Clouds

This is one of the cutest and most simple patterns for a kid’s room. The clouds are great for a boy or a girl and they are so easy to make! Just make sure you figure out where your next cloud is going to be placed ahead of time. Otherwise, you might not like the outcome in the end! I think this cloud stencil would look adorable on the ceiling of a nursery too. You can see the book of stencils from Handmade Charlotte here. Or try your hand at making your own!

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stencil 03

3. Linoleum Isn’t So Bad

If you can do this to it! Linoleum gets a bad wrap for being ugly and plain and cheap. But with a couple cans of paint and a stencil or two, you can have brand new beautiful floors in no time! I love this honeycomb pattern for the bathroom floor. Doesn’t it totally look like little hexagon-shaped tiles? I love this look and am tempted to do something similar in our bathroom! But maybe with a black-and-white pattern? Go bold or go home, right?

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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