3 Easy Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Clean


The bathroom is by far my least favorite room to clean in the house. The toilet especially, but the tub is a close second. But the bathroom is the room that we go into to GET clean, so I suppose it should BE clean… right? If you are like me and don’t enjoy the weekly chore of scrubbing and sanitizing your bathroom, there is an easier way! Instead of scrubbing hard once a week, do a quick once-over a few times per week. I promise it will make the chore a lot easier and your bathroom will stay clean. Here are 3 easy tips for keeping your bathroom looking great!

1. Clean While You Use

There are a lot of reflective surfaces in the bathroom, which make messes seem messier. Every time you use the bathroom, check to see if there is anything needing a quick wipe down. If you see a spot of toothpaste on the sink, wipe it up! It takes two seconds and makes such a huge difference to the feel and cleanliness of your bathroom. When you take a shower, have a rag handy to quickly clean the sides of the tub or the fixtures. I wouldn’t recommend cleaning every time you are in the bathroom, because sometimes you just need to take a relaxing shower after a long day. But if you are in for a quick shower, bring a sponge or rag with you to quickly clean while you use the shower!

2. Clutter

If the bathroom has clutter, it’s going to feel messy even if it’s clean! The bathroom tends to not be the largest room in the house, so keeping it tidy is key to making it feel and look clean. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place! If you have room in the bathroom for a laundry basket, that is a great way to get the kids to pick up their dirty clothes after a bath. And if you don’t have very much storage in your bathroom, create some! Try installing a small cabinet above the toilet or under the sink to provide even a small amount of space for the bathroom essentials. These pretty containers are a great way to keep your things organized and looking good at the same time!

3. Messy toilet

As the mom of a five-year-old boy, I know the kinds of unintentional messes that can accrue on, in, and around the toilet. At least until they perfect “the aim” that is. Give it a daily once over with the toilet brush to tackle the toilet bowl messes. Especially if you have hard water in your home. Things can build up really fast if you don’t stay on top of it! As for the outside and rim of the toilet, try having some sanitizing wipes next to the toilet and give it a quick wipe every day or so to keep the mess from building up and get grimy. You know what I’m talking about. My little guy is in charge of cleaning up his messes when he makes them and having some cleansing but gentle wipes like these ones handy for him to use makes the chore a lot easier for us all.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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