3 Favorite Natural Cleaning Tips

It’s still January yet it seems like I made New Year’s Resolutions ages ago. I guess that means I haven’t been keeping all of them and if you saw the state of my kitchen counters right now, you’d probably agree that the “be a better housekeeper” one has been thrown out the window. But I’m determined to not give up and tomorrow I’m starting fresh with a deep clean. Here are three of my favorite natural cleaning tips:

1. Use lemon to remove hard water stains from faucets.
2. Use a mixture of half water and half vinegar to clean appliances and floors.
3. To remove smells from the fridge, soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and put on a plate inside the fridge until dried.

While these methods use natural products, I’ve also seen a lot of new eco-friendly cleaners on the market. Have you had a good experience with any specific brands? Would you trust that Clorox Green Works would do the job?

image: Martha Stewart

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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