3 Tips for Creating a Fantastic Guest Room

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When we bought our home a few year ago, we finally had a spare room, and I was determined to set it up as a guest room. I have always wanted a great space for my friends and family to stay when they come and visit. So, I was on a quest to create a fantastic guest room! I found out some pretty interesting tips along the way — some of which I am going to share with you. Lucky you! If you follow these three guidelines for a great guest room, you will not only have a spot for your visitors, you will also have some happy guests.

1. Invest in great bedding.

To me, great bedding is essential. You do not want to grab the scratchy comforter you inherited from your grandma. If you wouldn’t want to sleep in it, why should they? I am a huge duvet fan, so I made sure to pick out a comfy one for my guest room. From a design aspect, it helps if the bedding is semi-neutral. Loud or bright bedding can rub some people the wrong way — just something to think about. For your own sake, make the bedding easy to wash. You don’t want any of that dry clean only junk. Overall, just get the most comfortable and simple bedding you can find. Guests usually spend little time in the room and mainly use it for sleeping, so make it good sleep so that they are ready for the next day of fun with you!

This bedding can be found on West Elm for $169 or less.

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2. Offer some extras snacks, toiletries, and reminders.

A while back, we had our very first house guests, so I took it upon myself to make sure they had the ultimate midnight snack box. Among this decadent box-o-snacks, I also stocked the room and bathroom with plenty of toiletries, like soaps, shampoos, and towels. Another trick that I learned from my mom? Leave a little card or print-out of some basic helpful tips for their stay. The most genius thing is the Wi-Fi information. How often have you stayed at someone’s home and gone to your room for the night, settled in to check your email, and realized you don’t have their internet information?! So frustrating! Leaving that information on a sheet in their room along with some other reminders is super helpful. Trust me. Another thoughtful way to show your guests you care is to have the extra TV from the kitchen or gym put in their room. My dad is a huge TV watcher. It helps him relax. Keep your guests in mind, and think of the things they would like to have accessible — within reason, of course.

Image via You Are My Fave.

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3. Be sure to provide some drawer space.

You would be surprised how many guest rooms are used only for guests and don’t contain basic furniture. Of course, there is a bed, but what about a dresser? Depending on the length of your guest’s stay, it’s likely that they would prefer to hang up and put away their things so they aren’t living out of a suitcase. I don’t necessarily mind suitcase-living, but most people really despise it, so even the smallest of dressers in the guest room would allow them to get comfortable and feel more at home. I like this tall dresser in the image above. The design is simple, and the fact that it takes up mostly vertical space allows for more space in the room to accommodate other necessities.

Buy this dresser from CB2 for $749.

So go to it! Get started on making your guest room the best that it can be!


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