3 Must-Have Elements and Perfect DIYs for Easter Brunch!

We don’t throw an Easter brunch every year. In fact, we are probably invited to our friend’s and family’s homes for Easter more often than we play the hosts. But during the times that we have celebrated Easter at our home, I have loved having it be a fun brunch — especially one the adults can enjoy, because really, Easter has become a great and fun holiday for kids, but what about the grown ups? We deserve some fun too! If you are hosting Easter this year at your home, may I suggest throwing a brunch? It’s pretty much just a fancy and fun second breakfast. Any reason to serve crepes or waffles and hand out party favors is alright by me! In my opinion, to throw an Easter brunch, you really only need three essential things (besides the food of course). Here they are!

easter brunch 01

1. Party Favors

What’s this? Easter party favors for adults? Yes! It’s about time we grown ups get in on this Easter action. These simple plastic eggs are dotted with gold and fixed up all pretty — complete with an awesome print inside each egg. Now that’s a party favor I would love. Sure I love candy as much as the next person, but to have something that isn’t edible and you can use at home makes the day even more special and memorable for your guests.

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easter brunch 02

2. Place Settings

For a more formal Easter brunch, some place settings might be in order. These seriously cute baskets are the perfect way to show your guests where you want them. Or if you aren’t planning on having a place set out for everyone, these could easily be made into cute table centerpieces to have on a bunch of tables, or place them all on the same table for a bigger impact on your party decor. OR you could have them double as decor and as party favors for your guests to take home and remember your Easter celebrations fondly.

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easter brunch 03

3. Cake Topper

How adorable is this cake topper? I absolutely love it! The colors are amazing and I can’t get over how simple it is. This would be the perfect addition to any Easter cake you might be planning on serving at your brunch. Even a cake with some texture to it would look fantastic with a simple cake topper like this one, don’t you think? You can pick any color scheme you want so it matches your party, just do me a solid and keep the colors springy! I am most definitely making this topper for our Easter celebrations. Our guests will love it. I can’t wait to use it.

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