3 Sure Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

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I think we all have a room in our home that we wish was a little bit bigger. No matter how much we wish we could just extend the wall out a few feet this way or that way, most of us don’t have that option. So, we have no choice but to make lemonade from the lemons we have been dealt. There are a few tips and tricks for making a small space seem a little bigger — thank goodness! And luckily, most of them are practical and totally do-able. I have used one or two of these tricks, and I have to tell you, they definitely work! Here are three sure ways to turn your small space into a seemingly larger one.

1. Incorporate bright lighting and colors.

Alright, I think this one is kind of a no-brainer. Your space will feel a little smaller if it is dark. So the opposite makes the room feel bigger! The color on the walls, the color of the furniture, and the amount of natural light in a room all make a difference. If your walls are a light color, your furniture isn’t too dark, and you have plenty of natural light, then your small space will feel cleaner, fresher, and yes, bigger! Open those blinds, take back those curtains, and let the light in! You don’t need everything to be white; any color on the lighter side should do it. Trust me — if you have a really small space, you don’t want to have dark walls. Doesn’t the thought of that just make you feel claustrophobic?

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2. Decorate with minimal furniture.

This coffee table is the perfect example of what I mean by minimal. For a small space, you don’t want huge bulky sectionals or giant, round coffee tables. You want clean lines, and the fact that this coffee table is made of clear material tricks the eye into thinking there is more space in the room than there really is. Isn’t that great? It’s an optical illusion! You still want functionality, of course. You don’t want to have the absolute bare minimum so that you and your guests are uncomfortable. So be sure to pick furniture that would be functional but minimal in design.

Image via You Are My Fave.

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3. Place furniture strategically.

It’s all about placement. Most people assume that pushing furniture up against the walls in a small room makes the space feel bigger. Actually, the opposite is true! Unless your room is so small that you pretty much need to have the furniture up against the walls, pull the couch out a foot or so from the wall, and you will be surprised at the difference it makes. Also, having the furniture a little skewed can be fun and trick the eye into thinking the small space is bigger than it is. Don’t get me wrong — I love a symmetrical space. But there is something to be said for a room where the furniture is placed just so. With the chair in the image above, for example, the angle is different, which adds depth to the room and gives it a playful feel. I love it!

Image via Weekday Carnival.

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