3 Ways to Create A Fast & Faboulous Ponytail: Put Your Self First

PYF_Ponytails_three_ways_DanielleMy husband has always sworn he loves my hair in a ponytail.  I’ve always been a “hair-all-down-girl.” It’s just the way I’ve always felt the most me. But I’ve been experimenting with so many different hairstyles and I’m having fun. What’s the point in having long hair if you aren’t going to play with it a little, right?

In the past, you’d see me in three styles: freshly washed-very full-hair down, a tamer version of that same style that may last an additional 2 days and then the hat-version of that same style. If I moved into a pony tail, it was usually at home, it wasn’t styled well and it meant my hair needed to be washed.

I have since re-learned to braid and style, to use my flat iron and curling iron in all sorts of fun ways, and I have revisited my high school days to bring back the fishtail. I am having fun. Taking the time to put that flair and style back in my step is that extra bit of spunk I need in my day. And I’m finding it doesn’t take the hours like I feared it would.

So, I thought I would share with you a few ways to play with your ponytail… just to spice things up a bit. Keep in mind, they aren’t super fancy and they don’t take much time. It is a little about trying something different, a little about accessorizing, and a little about feeling sassy.  (And naturally? ALL about putting your SELF first!)


As always – thank you for watching. I’m always open to any hairstyle (or any other style) suggestions you might have.  Feel free to comment or send them my way!

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