3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Little Easier

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Spring is officially here and we all know what that means. Rain showers, picnics, flowers, and spring cleaning! I love spring cleaning. When it’s done. Getting it done can be another story completely. One year I did the spring cleaning for our home and it took me literally days to finish. Days! It was awful. Since then I have found out a few tips that have helped me and I think they might help you as well. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be this daunting task filled with cleaning and no fun, and you certainly shouldn’t have to do it all on your own! Here are three ways to make spring cleaning a little easier on you and your family. Happy cleaning!

1. Divide and conquer 

There’s no reason all of the spring cleaning should fall on one person. Even if it isn’t you! A daunting task for one person can turn out to be a relatively easy couple hours of cleaning for a group of people. Volunteer your family to help you out. Things always go a lot faster and seem easier to do when everyone is doing it. Not to sound like a peer pressure supporter, but really. Assign each family member some appropriate tasks and chores. For example, having a child help clean the oven? Not such a great idea. Having a teenager help clean the oven? Brilliant. Splitting up the responsibilities is definitely the way to go with the spring cleaning if at all possible.

2. Make a game plan

Everything always goes so much smoother when there is a plan in play. Don’t you agree? Figure out every task that needs to be done and made a list. I mean every little thing! From wiping down the kitchen cabinets to vacuuming the stairs to cleaning the door jambs. If you make a list for it to get done, it will get done. After you have made your list, make a plan on how to get those things cleaned. For the family members who might not know how to clean something, make a step by step written out plan for them to follow and refer to during the spring cleaning. You will also want to make sure to plan out what supplies you will need for each task. After everything is planned out, get the supplies and you are ready to go! If you are planning organizing as well, remember to get bins or baskets. I really like these ones. So cute and functional!

3. Make it fun

This step is especially important if you are including kids in the cleaning. No one wants to make a day of boring cleaning. How awful! Try your best and make it as fun as possible for them, and for you too! Some ideas that I think would be a huge hit would be to make a playlist and have little dance-offs during the cleaning. Great music makes any task so much easier and a lot more fun. And dancing, well, that’s always a great idea. Try coming up with some prizes for jobs well done. You could have a contest for the quickest job completed — so long as the job was done right of course! After you have been cleaning for a while, take a break with some pizza or something else your family loves. A treat can go a long way for kids’ attitudes. And if you need even more fun incentive to get the spring cleaning done, try making a game of it. Set up check lists and stations and set the timer while everyone is cleaning at their respective stations. Then when the timer goes off, they have to switch stations as quickly as possible! Sounds like fun, right?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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