30 Coolest Vintage Toys to Buy

My 3-year-old son’s favorite toys are actually the toys that I used to play with as a preschooler — the Fisher Price Little People, Wizard of Oz figurines, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from the 80s, etc. He plays with those toys on the same vintage Jenny Lind table-and-chair set that my sister and I spent many years role playing and snacking.

There’s something sweet about seeing a new generation bring new life into toys that were outgrown and forgotten, and Etsy is one of the best sources for retro kids toys with plenty of play left in them.

Take a look at some of my favorite vintage toy finds from Etsy, ranging from the ’30s to the ’80s:

  • Vintage Fisher Price Sesame Street Townhouse Playset, $90 1 of 30
    This is one of the most classic Fisher Price playsets of all time — and the Sesame Street characters and townhouse set are timeless.
    Buy from Toys Of The Past.
  • RARE Vintage Fisher Price Juggling Jumbo Elephant, $70 2 of 30
    This elephant pull toy was only made in 1958 and 1959, making it a rare vintage find.
    Buy from Toys Of The Past.
  • Vintage Fisher Price Goldilocks and The Three Bears House, $22 3 of 30
    This one toy is a pull toy, a shape sorter and a play house.
    Buy from Toys Of The Past.
  • Vintage Wolverine “Sunny Suzy” Metal Toy Kitchen Sink, $48 4 of 30
    This vintage metal play kitchen includes a moving faucet and detailed graphics.
    Buy from Vintage Jane
  • Vintage Metal Wolverine Word Spelling Retro Toy, $36 5 of 30
    Not only does this vintage "See and Spell" make adorable nursery décor, but it actually works.
    Buy from Vintage Jane
  • Vintage Metal Industrial Blue Children Boy Litho Linemar Stake Truck Toy, $55 6 of 30
    This Japanese Litho toy looks as good on a shelf as it does wheeling through the house.
    Buy from Vintage Jane, $55
  • Vintage Rubber Toy Dog, $39 7 of 30
    This rubber dog (that squeaks when you squeeze his belly) dates back to the ‘30s or ‘40s.
    Buy from Vintage Jane
  • Vintage Children Fisher Price Music Box Television Toy, $24 8 of 30
    This classic music box plays Mary Had a Little Lamb while the "screen" plays various scenes from the nursery rhyme. This just might be the perfect antidote for all of the iPad toys out there right now.
    Buy from Vintage Jane
  • Vintage Rubber Boy Doll, $42 9 of 30
    Another adorable rubber toy from the 1930s (squeaker and all), in excellent condition.
    Buy from Vintage Jane
  • Vintage 1970s Fisher Price Jack and Jill Radio, $12 10 of 30
    This Fisher Price toy from 1973 (made from wood and plastic) plays the "Jack and Jill" tune in this easy-to-carry play radio.
    Buy from Sweet Shop Vintage
  • Vintage Wooden Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe Toy, $18 11 of 30
    This wooden toy from the 1950s is actually a shape sorting and lacing toy.
    Buy from Sweet Shop Vintage
  • Vintage Childrens Sewing Cards, $12 12 of 30
    These cardboard sewing cards are a childhood must.
    Buy from Sweet Shop Vintage
  • Vintage Fisher Price Little People Tudor House with Dolls and Accessories, $46 13 of 30
    70s and 80s kids will remember this Fisher Price playhouse — and this one has a working doorbell, 9 pieces of furniture, and the original Little People.
    Buy from Sweet Shop Vintage
  • TupperToys Stacking Toy by Tupperware, $15 14 of 30
    This vintage stacking toy is made by Tupperware! br>Buy from Oliver's Forest
  • Spinning Toy Vintage Toy 15 of 30
    Well loved, this spinning top just might be the finishing touch for your vintage-inspired nursery shelves.
    Buy from Oliver's Forest
  • Vintage My Little Pony Lullaby Nursery House 1985, $79.99 16 of 30
    It's a little strange to see my childhood toys marked as "vintage," I truly do adore these original classics — especially in comparison to today's glammed-out My Little Ponies. This set comes with a rare My Little Pony Lullaby Nursery Playset and 7 original My Little Poines.
    Buy from Retro Classics
  • 1986 Fisher Price Play Family Main Street Little People Playset, $69.99 17 of 30
    Another "Little People" original from the mid ‘80s, complete with a Main Street building, 5 Little People and 3 vehicles.
    Buy from Retro Classics
  • Vintage Sesame Street Figures Muppets, $24.99 18 of 30
    My son plays with each and every one of these Sesame Street figures from my childhood.
    Buy from Retro Classics
  • Vintage Alvin and the Chipmunks Figures Alvin and Simon, $18.99 19 of 30
    Forget the modern computer animated version — introduce your kids to the originals.
    Buy from Retro Classics
  • Vintage Fisher Price Cottage 80s Toy with Little People, $12.80 20 of 30
    This is the most adorable little play cottage in great condition, that kids of any generation would love to play with.
    Buy from The Pantages
  • 1950s Wolverine Metal Toy Kitchen Set of Four, $105 21 of 30
    A complete metal kitchen set that kids have been playing with since the ‘50s. I just love the vintage charm.
    Buy from Angel Wings and CT
  • Vintage Playskool Weeble Wobble Musical Chime Bird Toy, $15 22 of 30
    This adorable little weeble wobble is timeless — and in great condition.
    Buy from Elementree Studio
  • Vintage 1985 Fisher Price Toy Chatter Telephone, $13 23 of 30
    You'll find remakes in the toy store, largely because of Toy Story 3, but the original is so much cooler.
    Buy from Elementree Studio
  • 1966 Barbie Doll Francie and Casey Doll House Carrying Case, $25 24 of 30
    Forget Barbie's dream house — I'd much rather have her funky, authentically retro apartment. This carrying case opens into a dollhouse with two foldout beds and a pop-up table.
    Buy from Adele Bee Ann Vintage
  • Knickerbockers Holly Hobbie Day ‘N Night Rag Doll (70s), $18 25 of 30
    This original HOLLY HOBBIE has plenty of love left for a little girl.
    Buy from OopseeDaisies
  • Mod Fashion Doll Wardrobe Case 60s, $17 26 of 30
    Oh my. I think I need this for my future daughter's dolls.
    Buy from OopseeDaisies
  • Fisher Price Susie Seal Pull Toy 1978, $13 27 of 30
    This was the last wooden pull toy that Fisher Price ever made. And this seal bounces up and down and squeaks when you pull it along.
    Buy from OopseeDaisies
  • Fisher Price Cash Register 60s, $34 28 of 30
  • Fisher Price Pull-A-Long Lacing Shoe 1970, $20 29 of 30
    A pull toy, lacing toy, and shape sorter in one.
    Buy from OopseeDaisies
  • Vintage 1970 Hotwheels Redline Blue Gold Police Paddy Wagon Diecast Car 30 of 30
    Zen Monkey Shop has a variety of vintage toys from the ‘50s to the ‘70s, like this retro police car.
    Buy from Zen Monkey Shop

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