30 Totally GENIUS Products for Parents

The parenting market is cluttered with strange and unnecessary gadgets that parents think they need but really don’t — take the baby wipe warmer, for instance. Or everything on Jaime’s list of baby products nobody needs.

There’s so much baby + kid gear that makes me stop and say, “Who green-lighted this garbage?” and “Who the heck is spending money on this?”

But then, on the other hand, there’s some serious innovation going on over in the baby product industry — from techy inventions to simple “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. Now — I’ll be honest — I’m a baby-product minimalist, believing there’s not much that a parent REALLY needs. But all of these products have made me stop and think, “Hm. Now that’s smart.”

  • Totally Genius + Innovative Baby Products 1 of 29
    There are A LOT of wacky products for parents, but these? They might not all be NECESSARY, but they're pretty darn smart...
  • RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier 2 of 29
    A pacifier that automatically shuts itself with a germ-barrier shield every time it's dropped.
    Buy from Diapers.com
  • iBaby Monitor 3 of 29
    A video baby monitor that hooks up to your iPhone and can be accessed virtually ANYWHERE. You can even pan the camera around the room with a swipe of your finger.
    Buy from Target
  • Aqueduck Faucet Extender 4 of 29
    For little arms that can't quite reach.
    Buy from Amazon
  • Dreamfarm Tapi Fountain Rubber Tap 5 of 29
    Or little mouths! Tell me this isn't absolutely genius for the after-brushing rinse?
    Buy from Amazon
  • Little Looster Booster 6 of 29
    Because sometimes kids need to brace themselves — ya know?
    Buy from Amazon
  • A Sunction Cup Sippy Strap 7 of 29
    Use it with the suction cup (on high chair trays, car windows, and tables) or without the suction cup (on strollers, shopping carts, and restaurant high chairs).
    Buy from Etsy.com/ChunksBabyJunk
  • Boon Squirt Food Dispensing Spoon 8 of 29
    SO SMART. Boon single-handedly made baby feedings into a one-handed, mess-free, travel-ready cinch. Leave the baby food jars at home and eliminate the mess.
    Buy from Toys ‘R Us
  • Mammary Minders Nursing Reminder 9 of 29
    OK so this might not be totally necessary — I got by fine by just trying to remember, but then again I did wake up with one breast 2x the size of the other on multiple occasions. These nursery reminders are less intrusive than, say, a paper clip or twist tie, and yet inexpensive enough to justify the purchase.
    Buy from Etsy.com/DazzleByD
  • Magnificent Baby Magnetic Clothes 10 of 29
    Magnetic onesies — to eliminate the mis-snapping of endless teeny-tiny snaps. OH MY GOD SO SMART.
    Buy from Magnificent Baby
  • Molar Muncher 11 of 29
    I recently saw this at Babies ‘R Us and was pretty shocked at how smart it is. It's a BPA-free teether that soothes the entire gum line. I'm not sure how it works, but it's a smart idea — considering my son liked to chew his way through his silicone pacifiers.
    Buy from Molar Muncher
  • Puj Tub 12 of 29
    A clever baby bathtub that fits right in the sink.
    Buy from Puj
  • Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Tub 13 of 29
    A baby bathtub that conveniently collapses for easy storage.
    Buy from giggle
  • StrollAway Over the Door Stroller Storage Hanger 14 of 29
    So smart — especially for those short on space.
    Buy from Diapers.com
  • Baby Measuring Fitted Crib Sheet 15 of 29
    Such a cute idea, right?
    Buy from Supermarket
  • aden + anais “Serenity Star” 16 of 29
    A lot of parents don't want to waste money on feeding diaries, room temperature indicators, and sound machines — AS MUCH AS THEY WANT THEM! — so aden + anais packed all of those features into one machine, but also added must-have features like a night light and clock, which you'd totally buy anyway.
    Buy from aden + anais
  • Tag*A*Long 17 of 29
    A super-smart, mom-invented stroller handle for bigger kids and/or part-time stroller riders — which, in my opinion, is a travel must-have.
    Buy from Tag*A*Long Kids
  • Bloom Alma Mini Crib 18 of 29
    Not only is this space-saving crib super tiny (I mean, how much space does a baby REALLY need?), but it folds down flat for easy storage. I mean, c'mon. Genius.
    Buy from giggle
  • Stay With Me Socks 19 of 29
    The only thing harder than keeping food inside a baby's mouth or toys OUT of a baby's mouth, is keeping baby socks on baby feet. They're either pulled, kicked, or telepathically removed, without fail, which is why baby socks with Velcro straps are CRAZY SMART. My son had these as an infant and they were definitely a must-have.
    Buy from Stay With Me Socks
  • Tiny Bites Food Shears 20 of 29
    I know you're thinking these are ridiculous and totally unnecessary, but I'll tell you — I LOVED these cutlery-grade food scissors. I could quickly cut up infant/toddler food one-handed — especially helpful with annoying-to-cut-up foods like grapes and pasta.
    Buy from Tiny Bites
  • The Lotus EVERYWHERE Crib 21 of 29
    This portable travel crib folds into a portable backpack, yet unfolds in under 20 seconds. Brilliant. (And without all those annoying heavy rods/attachments.)
    Buy from Guava Family
  • 4Moms Origami Stroller 22 of 29
    Is it necessary? Nope. Is it worth the cost? Maybe not. But it certainly is a revolutionary design: This stroller automatically opens and folds with the push of a button, has headlights, tracks mileage and speed, senses the temperature, PLUS CHARGES YOUR CELL PHONE. If that's not smart, I don't know what is.
    Buy from 4Moms
  • Go-Go Babyz Car Seat Carrier 23 of 29
    The Go-Go Babyz is the rolling suitcase of baby gear: smart, simple, and suddenly necessary. Instead of carrying your bulky car seat while wrangling a run-happy toddler through the airport, this attachment makes your life easier.
    Buy from Diapers.com
  • Nosefrida Snot Sucker 24 of 29
    If you think this is gross, then you've clearly never experienced the sanity-saving brilliance that is The Snot Sucker.
    Buy from Amazon
  • Kids Shower and Bath Toy 25 of 29
    It's hard to find a bath toy that kids love and moms find really useful. This is it.
    Buy from OneStepAhead.com
  • Yepp Mini Front Bicycle Child Carrier 26 of 29
    The smartest idea for fitness-enthusiast parents who don't want their children trailing behind in a hitched-on cabin.
    Buy from REI
  • Chewbeads Teething Necklaces 27 of 29
    Safe teething necklaces that are super stylish. Like, you'll wear them without a baby around.
    Buy from Chewbeads
  • Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer 28 of 29
    Any parent who has drawn blood from their tiny newborn's fingers will know how invaluable this is: a battery-operated nail trimmer that safely and quickly files down the tiniest nails.
    Buy from Amazon
  • Smartphone Ultrasound 29 of 29
    This one certainly isn't necessary — I'm not sure any parent needs unnecessary ultrasounds, especially without a certified tech. But this is a perfect example of the incredible technological advances taking place within the parenting realm.
    Buy from Mobisante


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