4 Biggest Eyewear Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

I broke my glasses last night, which — back me up on this, fellow four-eyes — is the absolute worst. But I’ve been meaning to get some new sunglasses for summer (because, yes, last year’s sunglasses are long broken), so I figured I might as well go on an all-out glasses buying binge.

And in doing so, I started tracking some consistent trends in the eyewear game for 2013.

Instead of sticking with the typical hipster black frames and oversized sunglasses, 2013 is seeing some distinct eyewear trends for spring/summer:

  • Spring/Summer Eyewear Trends 1 of 31

    Check out the four hottest trends in eyewear for 2013 — whether you're looking for daily glasses or summer shades.

    (Photo: Warby Parker's Limited-Edition 1922 Collection)

  • Trend #1: Light & Feminine 2 of 31
    sunglasses trend

    One of the hottest looks for eyewear are soft, translucent colors and feminine touches — whether you prefer retro cat-eyes or oversized glam shapes. 

    Click through for some examples...

  • Watts Blue Sapphire 3 of 31

    These oversized, round frames have a midcentury flare with a modern color upgrade.

    Buy from Warby Paker, $95


  • Ainsworth Elderberry 4 of 31

    Fun yet totally wearable.

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Ellery Tidal Blue 5 of 31

    A perfect example of the translucent-frames trend, these oversized frames have a slight cat-eye and a whole lot of glamour.

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Madewell Drifter Shades 6 of 31

    Retro ‘50s-style shades (another big trend!) with that translucent trendiness.

    Buy from Madewell, $49.50


  • Skylar Sunglasses 7 of 31

    Similar to the Madewell shades, but with a more affordable price tag.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $14

  • Vera Wang Cosma 8 of 31

    Vera Wang shades, featuring gradient lenses in a feminine color.

    Buy from, $105


  • Mossimo Womens Wayfarer Floral Sunglasses 9 of 31

    Translucent trendiness with a feminine floral style.

    Buy from Target, $16.99


  • Tiltawhirl Round Sunglasses 10 of 31

    Another example of this trend — light and girly — found at Urban Outfitters.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $16


  • Trend #2: Retro Round 11 of 31

    This is probably the newest and most recognizable eyewear trend of the moment: From Warby Paker's 1922 Collection ("lightweight, carefree frames in distinctly twenties-flavored silhouettes") to 60s Beatles-inspired glasses, it's all about the round frame in 2013. Do you dig it?

  • Porter Gimlet Tortoise 12 of 31
    1920s 01

    These sunglasses are part of Warby Parker's 1922 Collection — especially attractive to those now obsessed with the Gatsby era. 

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Joplin Gold 13 of 31
    Joplin Gold

    These wide-spaced frames with a fine wire browline also come with green-tinted lenses.

    Warby Parker, $95


  • Porter Whiskey Tortoise 14 of 31
    1920s 03

    These high-contrast lenses add a modern flair to the retro style

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Duke Gold 15 of 31
    1920s 04

    Super lightweight and perfectly round.

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Madewell Hepcat Shades 16 of 31
    1920s 05

    Trendy round frames in 6 different colors.

    Buy from Madewell, $55


  • Poetic License 17 of 31
    1920s 06

    Rivet & Sway has this to say about their Poetic License glasses: "Dedicated to all the artists, poets and culture-bending creatives who've changed the world with their fresh perspectives and vibrant approach. Round frames have come full circle again, and our Poetic License is ready to inspire a new generation of visionaries to speak their truth."

    These frames come in black, red, and purple.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Yoko Round Glasses 18 of 31
    1920s 07

    Another example of perfectly round sunglasses — but a more affordable option.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $16


  • Trend #3: Bold + Colorful 19 of 31

    White and black frames are so 2008. Add a punch of color with these fun brightly colored shades...

  • Suncloud Standby Polarized 20 of 31

    These electric green glasses add a trendy touch to your summer wardrobe.

    Buy from, $49


  • Something Else by Natalie Wood 21 of 31

    Modern cat-eye silhouette with bold pink frames.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $176


  • House of Harlow 1960s Daisy Sunglasses 22 of 31

    Round frames + bold colors = super trendy for 2013

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $125


  • Catmaster Sunglasses 23 of 31

    If you want to add a little brightness without going too bold, these bottomless frames add just the right amount of color.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $14


  • Spitfire Lola Sunglasses 24 of 31

    Bold blue and round frames? So summery.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $39


  • Spitfire Mixed Ability Sunglasses 25 of 31

    Another pair of electric yellow frames — sunny and summery!

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $39


  • Trend #4: Earthy Tones 26 of 31

    Brown is the new black, at least when it comes to sunglasses...

  • Boyd Marbled Sandstone 27 of 31

    These flattering medium-sized glasses are part of Warby Parker's summer collection.

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • Aldous English Oak 28 of 31

    Chic goes-with-everything sunglasses in earthy tones.

    Buy from Warby Parker, $95


  • A.R. Trapp 3489 Sunglasses for J.Crew 29 of 31

    If you're willing to splurge, these J.Crew shades are crazy stylish.

    Buy from J.Crew, $450


  • H&M Sunglasses 30 of 31

    If you're into oversized frames, these are a little more modern and grown-up (lightweight metal frames and brown tinted lenses) than those typically found on college sorority girls. 

    Buy from H&M, $7.95


  • Rivet & Sway Spitfire 31 of 31

    A flattering cat-eye style with brown tortoise and green coloring.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

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