4 Easy Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Facelift

Oh, the bathroom. It’s one of the most underappreciated and under-decorated rooms in the house. I, for one, love decorating the bathroom. And after a while I love giving that decorated bathroom a bit of a makeover. I am sure you have had or currently have a bathroom that was in dire need of a facelift. Am I right? Of course, I am. There are some really easy ways to give your bathroom the makeover it needs and in very little time, too! You will be surprised at how easy it can be. Of course, you might not need to use all of these tips, but chances are at least one of these will help you out with your bathroom situation.

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1. Change Your Shower Curtain

Depending on your bathroom, the shower curtain is likely the thing that draws the most attention. If it has any pattern or color at all, you and your guests look at it every time you’re in the bathroom. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But since it can draw so much attention, the shower curtain should be some something you love, right? This striped one has been a long time favorite of mine. The bold and wide stripes are fun, and the color is neutral enough that I can easily add some other colors or patterns to the bathroom without it clashing. If you have a kind of loud bathroom, then you might want to tone down the shower curtain. And the reverse is true! If your bathroom is a little drab, get a fun and colorful curtain! The great thing about shower curtains is they are generally really affordable, so you can switch it out with our spending too much money.

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2. New Containers

Have you ever been in someone’s bathroom and thought it looked a little cruddy? That is often because of the clutter on the counter or the ho-hum containers used to hold all their essentials, like toothbrushes or Q-tips. When storing these things behind a cabinet door isn’t an option, having pretty containers can make such a difference. These white enamel containers are fantastic. They are simple, clean, and functional. There is no reason to use the same old plastic Rubbermaid containers you’ve had since college. In fact, if that is you, then shame on you! Some new containers can make those necessities you have out on the counters look less like clutter and more like decor. Seriously, trust me on this!

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3. Artwork

When someone thinks about putting artwork up in their home, they rarely think of the bathroom. At least, not at first! But a little artwork on the walls can make a world of difference with how put together your bathroom feels. It doesn’t have to be a lot or anything big. In fact, that would probably be frowned upon. The bathroom is generally a pretty small space so the artwork should be minimal, simple, and clean feeling. This print is a recent favorite of mine. I have been wanting to redo our bathroom for some time, and I think this print hanging in the bathroom would make getting ready for the day a whole lot better. Looking at something pretty and inspiring is a great way to start your day! Because this print has a lot of color in it, which I love, I would likely keep the rest of the bathroom pretty clean and most likely white. But to each their own!

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4. Hardware

Aren’t these knobs pretty? I love the mint-colored one! Changing out the hardware on your bathroom drawers and cabinets can make your bathroom feel like a totally new space. Think about it. Have you ever had a bathroom that you hated? Now, think about the hardware in that bathroom. Was it awful? Exactly. Think of how much better that bathroom would have looked if the hardware had been switched out. Sure, you might want to paint the cabinets to make the bathroom ideal, but I have found that changing out the hardware for something that you really love that is unique will make such a huge difference. And if you don’t have it in the budget to switch out all of the hardware in the bathroom, try a coat of spray paint! I recently did this with my desk hardware, and man, do I love my desk so much more. Try it out! I’m pretty sure you will be thrilled with the outcome.


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