4 Totally Hipster Home Decor Trends

Brooklyn Magazine recently wrote a piece called “The 5 Stupidest Things in the Hipster Home,” in which the author comments on the recent “Brooklyn hipster home decor” staple: the urban teepee. Apparently young Brooklynites are building their own indoor teepees — for adults, not kids — and it bugs the heck out of the author.

(Before we go further, let me go on the record by saying how much I despise the word “hipster” — probably because it’s used so disparagingly toward my fellow 20-somethings, cloaked in mean-spirited irony. As you were!)

But it’s not just urban teepees — there are actually several hipster home trends cited in Brooklyn Magazine, including these four trends:

  • You Might Be a Hipster If… 1 of 9

    Are these hipster trendy? Or just trendy? (Related: how do you feel about them?)

  • Hipster Trend #1: Inspirational Prints 2 of 9

    But not just any inspirational prints! Inspirational prints that are so obvious, they shouldn't really be inspirational. 

    Buy from, $18

  • …Especially Inspirational Print Pillows 3 of 9

    And I'll just add that inspirational pillows are even trendier. 

    Buy from, $45

  • Hipster Trend #2: Antlers 4 of 9

    Ah yes, the antlers. But unless all bloggers are hipsters, I think this one crosses generational boundaries. Regardless, antlers are pretty huge right now.

    Buy from, $45.50

  • Real or Fake 5 of 9

    And not just the faux antlers either. We're talking the real thing.

    Buy from, $720 (!!!!)

  • Hipster Trend #2.5: Faux Taxidermy 6 of 9

    Beyond antlers, faux taxidermy is a hot trend right now that's both coveted and fiercely hated. Maybe it started with the hipsters (I don't know; did it?), but it's in West-freaking-Elm now.

    Buy from West Elm, $99

  • Hipster Trend #3: Books as Decoration 7 of 9

    Now here's where I'll have to part ways with the author because I happen to love the books-as-decorations trend, and I'm no hipster. Surround me in books, my friend. 

    Buy from, $54

  • Hipster Trend #4: Religious Items Outside Your Religion 8 of 9

    Buddha statues, Hindu tapestries, and Tibeten prayer flags all fall into this category. 

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $24

  • …Specifically Dreamcatchers 9 of 9

    Native American dreamcatchers are apparently the new "hipster" trend in home decor.

    I don't know, it is in Urban Outfitters — so does that automatically give it a hipster stamp of approval? Or do you think hanging dreamcatchers is culturally insensitive/ignorant?

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $39

What do you think? Are these hipster trends? Or just trends?

See all of the Stupidest Things in the Hipster Home from Brooklyn Magazine.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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