4 Gorgeous Vases to Add Style to Your Spring Flowers


Spring is well on its way, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Along with the warm weather and fun outings, I also love all of the gorgeous bouquets that sprout up at flower shops all over the city. It’s kind of a temptation for me, actually. In the beginning of spring, I generally end up with a fresh bunch of flowers at least once a week. In addition to being on the lookout for flowers in spring, I also look for pretty new vases to put them in! Something I have discovered is that not all vases work for all types, colors, and heights of flowers. There is an art to it! Though I am by no means an expert, I have learned some tips of my own to use when arranging flowers. A gorgeous vase and some pretty fresh flowers are great for making your home feel clean and new. They also make a great gift. Here are four stunning vases I have my eye on this season as well as a few tips and tricks for making your own floral arrangement.



vase 04

1. Black and White Vase

This black and white vase is beautiful. I love the simple, bold look of it! A huge reason I like this vase so much is that it is pretty versatile without being too boring. You could dress up a table in no time with a vase like this one and a vibrant bouquet of buds. Because this vase is wide throughout, you have plenty of room for your flowers. While you don’t want so many stems that they look cramped, with a vase like this one, I think it looks best when the flowers are pretty tightly in there. Trim the flowers so that they stick out just enough above the rim. Leaving the stems long could make the whole arrangement look sloppy or droopy.

You can get the vase for $14.99 from Target.


vase 02

2. Tall, Brass Vase

How gorgeous is this vase? I love it. The brass lends a warm and interesting feel, while the hexagonal shape gives it a great modern feel. This is the type of vase that would look stunning alongside other decor. Because it is taller and a little narrow, the flowers you put in can be varied in height and still look great. I love tall vases because they usually require very little stem-trimming! With this vase, you can really do so many different colors of flowers — there is really no way to go wrong. Just be sure that they are longer stemmed so they poke up above the rim of the vase. Can you just imagine a bright multi-colored bunch of fresh flowers in this vase? Just the thought of it makes my heart happy.

You can get this vase for $63 from Leif.


vase 01

3. Blue and Yellow Vase

This vase is so fun! I love the blue and yellow color-combination. They are so cheery and bright! Because this vase has multiple hues, you might want to stick with flowers of one color for a more simple look that accents the vase more than the flowers. But don’t be afraid to mix things up either! A great arrangement of pinks, purples, and oranges would look amazing in this vase, too. I would probably try and stay away from yellow flowers as it might look a little odd with yellow being the color at the top of the vase. Also, something to keep in mind with this vase is the shape. The rim is narrower than the base, so a smaller number of flowers will go a long way.

You can get this vase for $62 from Leif.



vase 03

4. White and Textured Vase

I actually gifted this vase to a friend of mine for her birthday. I bought her favorite flowers, trimmed them up so they were mostly a similar height, and staggered the colors of the flowers. I have to say, it looked awesome! The color might be super simple in a plain white, but with the texture (I love faceted anything!), it has some great detail. Because the vase is white and simple overall, you can use pretty much any type of flowers you want. And like the last vase, the rim being narrower at the top means a small collection of flowers will go a long way. You can stuff the vase and keep the flowers at the same height, or use fewer flowers of different heights, and let them spread out a little. Either way, the flowers will look great!

You can get this vase for $19.99 from Target.



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