4 Ways To Party Up Your Kids Room With Honeycomb Balls

I really, really love honeycomb balls. They are definitely one of my favorite party decor supplies, if not my absolute favorite. They are colorful, playful, easy to work with, and they are cheap. What’s not to like?

Recently I have noticed some images of kids rooms that are decorated with honeycomb balls, and I adored all of the ideas. There are a few different ways I think they would look amazing hanging up in your kid’s room, or the family playroom. Here are a few gorgeous ways to include honeycomb balls in your child’s space!

1. Clustered

It’s so simple and effortless and totally fun. All you need to make your own cluster is a few balls in different sizes and colors of your choice plus some pretty rope or twine to hang them from. The key to pulling off this look is hanging them together, but at slightly different heights. For example, in the image above, the smaller balls are slightly stacked on top of the larger balls. You could mix it up however you like. That’s the glorious thing about a cluster — it’s supposed to be imperfect.

2. Chandelier style


Isn’t this one fun? I kind of want to put it over my dining room table and leave it up indefinitely. This would look awesome hanging up over a kid’s craft table, a food table, or a play area, like a puppet theater. Can you just imagine little kids dancing and singing their hearts out under an array of honeycomb balls?

To make this chandelier, you’ll again need various sizes and colors, but this time you’ll need some fishing wire, too. The fishing wire will help give the illusion that the balls are floating. (Awesome, right?) Just take some fishing wire and hang each ball up by attaching it to the ceiling. Make sure you stagger the balls, spacing them out both horizontally and vertically. You will love it, I promise.

3. Mobile

Need a fun, cute, and super easy mobile for your wee babe’s new room? How about some honeycomb balls? It costs next to nothing to make, and if you ever tire of the colors or just decide to change up the look of the nursery, just add on some different colored balls! I am sure your little one will love looking up at your DIY. I love the color scheme in the image above. The greens are killing me. So pretty!

4. Garland

This is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate honeycomb balls into your kid’s space, aside from just throwing them on the floor, which could be cool too, but the balls would get thrashed. A honeycomb garland is incredibly simple. It’s a great way to use honeycomb balls with your other decor, too. Hang it up with a few other garlands for a more subtle effect or hang it on it’s own. Either way, a honeycomb garland is kind of hard to mess up. Make one. You’ll be happy you did.

So what do you think? Would you ever decorate a room in your home with honeycomb balls?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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