5 Essentials Every New Mom Needs in the Car

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If there’s one thing I learned quickly after becoming a mom it was that babies are unpredictable. It always seems like the times that you are least prepared are the times that something actually happens. When my son was about two months old we went on a short road trip and since he had never had a blowout I decided to risk it and not bring any extra clothes. Of course, when we reached our destination I smelled something and we had to end up buying a baby bodysuit in the gift shop. Since then I tend to over pack so I don’t get caught in a bind again. Here are 5 essentials I always have on hand when taking a trip in the car no matter how quick I think I’m going to be.

  • Changing Pad + Diapers + Wipes 1 of 6
    Changing Pad + Diapers + Wipes
    You can rarely predict when an emergency diaper change is going to happen. Make sure to have the needed supplies on hand. While you'll most likely have them in the diaper bag, having a permanent supply in your trunk is a good idea. And don't forget to put in a plastic bag to contain the mess.
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  • An Extra Outfit 2 of 6
    An Extra Outfit
    Maybe it's the angle of how they sit in the car seat but it seems like diaper leaks happen most often on the go. Don't be caught with a naked baby, have a clean outfit on hand to change them into if needed.
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  • Snacks + Water 3 of 6
    Snacks + Water
    It's always a good idea to have snacks, bottle supplies and water on hand in case of a traffic jam or a baby who all of sudden decided they need food RIGHT THIS MINUTE.
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  • Hand Sanitizer 4 of 6
    Hand Sanitizer
    If you're headed to a public place, you're going to run into germs. Hot water and soap aren't always easy to come by so have some hand sanitizer with you.
  • Blankets 5 of 6
    Sometimes nap time hits or a rain storm or spit up. You'll be grateful if you have some all-purpose muslin blankets in the car.
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  • Backseat Mirror 6 of 6
    Backseat Mirror
    This is just a bonus item that is super convenient. When you're driving it's not a good or safe time to lean back and see what your baby is up to. With a mirror you'll at least be able to keep an eye on them and know if it's time to pull over or not.

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