5 Favorite Family Friendly Gadgets

Gadgets are way more fun now than when I was a kid (things have come a long way since Lite Brite!).  There are so many great ways to entertain little ones or to enjoy fun family bonding together. Here are 5 family friendly gadgets we love here. ..

1. Kindle Fire. We use this baby all the time- especially when we need to entertain Henry with music and games during a wait at the DMV or a long road trip for Thanksgiving.

2. A battery operated train.We got ours in France, but this one is similar. It’s a battery operated train that fits on regular Ikea or Thomas tracks. Plus it pulls the other trains with a magnet. Genius! Great kid gift too.

3. iPhone. Big surprise, right? Well I couldn’t not list a gadget that we basically consider a second child.  I think I might do more work from my phone that I do my actually computer. And let’s not even get started about instragram…

4. Playstation 2. We rarely play video games on it, but it’s replaced our tv now. We watch hulu, amazon and vudu movies on it as well as run the dvd player from it. Then if we get the urge to play a little video games, it’s there too.


5. Bose Wireless Mobile Speaker. Confession: I don’t actually own one of these (yet!) but hopefully Santa will change that this Christmas. They are the best for impromtu dance parties and a soundtrack while working.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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