5 Kid Shows that Won't Annoy You

I know it sounds kind of mean, but many shows for young children and preschoolers can be extremely annoying for adults. I love my children, so I’ll tolerate watch shows with them that I don’t necessarily appreciate.  Like you, I endure the singing that sounds more like yelling, the repetitive catch phrases that swirl around in my head for days and the downright creepy characters.  Unfortunately, many of our kid’s favorite shows are instant migraine-makers for us.

My oldest son is almost six, so I’ve been watching kid shows for a while now. If you’re new to the parenting realm, this post may be especially helpful. You might not have to suffer through disturbing, animated, puppet people or weird dudes in tights. (Yes, they do wear tights.) In my opinion, the shows listed below are clever, educational, entertaining and have just enough chutzpah for an adult audience. You might just find yourself chuckling too.

Find out if your child’s favorite show made the list!

Here’s my list of Top 5 Kid Shows that Won’t Annoy You:

1.) WordWorld, PBS Kids – I am totally in love with this cute show on PBS Kids. The animation in WorldWord is so smart and fun. The way they build words by turning objects into the actual word itself is awesome. I’m not sure how those artists do it so well, but they nail it every time. The WordFriends characters are funny, quirky and lovable. I am huge fan of Duck (quack, quack) and Dog. Duck’s little voice is the best. My kids love this fast-paced show and really enjoy the musical segments. Shop WordWorld products here.

2.) Classical Baby, HBO Family -This is one of the most beautiful, happy and inspiring kids shows I’ve ever seen. It goes without saying, HBO knows television. From the musical masterpieces to the artwork to the animation, it’s hard to beat Classical Baby. My children have loved this show since they were small and my husband and I totally enjoy it as well. In fact, we both get teary during “Bear Hugs” – sniffle. If you want to watch television with your children with absolutely zero guilt about watching television, this might be the show  for you. Get the amazing Classical Baby DVD Set here.

3.) Super Why!, PBS Kids – Of course, another PBS gem. Super Why! is a fantastic show for your soon-to-be spelling and reading kiddos. The wide-eyed characters are cute, the educational value is super and the “lessons learned” are easy to relate to your child’s day-to-day life. Plus, you’ll find yourself singing the catchy intro song,” Who’s got the power, the power to read…” Shop Super Why! products here.

4.) The Backyardigans, Nick Jr. – There are so many wonderful things about this show, it’s hard for me to count them all. First, the emphasis on having fun by using your imagination is refreshing. Second, the dancing and music sequences are exciting and fun. Third, the stories are great. I could go on and on. Each episode has just the right amount of dialogue and adventure with a twist of creativity. Both of my kids are huge fans of these talented, round little critters. My favorite episode is Ranch Hands from Outer Space because I like the notion of blueberry pancakes fueling a spaceship. What can I say? I like breakfast foods. Shop The Backyardigans products here.

5. ) The Penguins of Madagascar, Nick “You don’t get it, literally or metaphorically.” Ah, the Skipper and his one-liners. “Only one man? That’s not combat! That’s a playdate!?” Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico. This show features the adorable penguins with the unmatched commando skills you loved in the movie. It isn’t really educational like the others, but it’s such a treat! Is it just me or does anyone else find this show hilarious??? I laugh out loud at the perfectly timed, subtle, witty, Seinfeld-esque one-liners. My children think the show is really amusing and I adore it. This could be one of the all-time the funniest kid’s cartoons E-V-E-R. Find The Penguins products here.

What’s your favorite kid show? Which one do you find annoying? Creepy? Do tell!!!

Honorable mention shows include: Goodnight Moon & Other Sleepytime Tales, Olivia, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy and Veggie Tales (Lord of the Beans rocks!).

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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