5 New Year’s Eve Looks, Each Under $100!

Here are 5 super-cute, super-affordable party looks for New Year’s Eve (or any special occasion). Each outfit comes in at under $100 for the whole look!

  • Feminine and Colorful 1 of 25
    Feminine and Colorful
    Swap out the tights and shoes for the color of your choice to customize this look.
    Sources for everything are coming up.
  • Flapper-Inspired 2 of 25
    Such a beautiful dress just begs to be worn out for a fun evening.
    Sources for everything are coming up.
  • Polka Dots and a Bow 3 of 25
    Polka Dots and a Bow
    A little cute, a little trendy, a whole lot of charm.
    Sources for everything are coming up.
  • The LBD 4 of 25
    The LBD
    Can you believe this whole look comes in at under $80?
    Sources for everything are coming up.
  • Bold Cobalt Blue 5 of 25
    Bold Cobalt Blue
    Be a vision in blue this year.
    Sources for everything are coming up.
  • Tights 6 of 25
    Go colorful, go black, or go polka-dotted. Just don't go bare-legged unless you live in a warmer spot than I!
    Available at Old Navy for $4-5.97
  • Metallic Cap-Toe Heels 7 of 25
    Metallic Cap-Toe Heels
    Pick a color, any color.
    Available at Target for $32.99
  • Black Platform Pumps 8 of 25
    Black Platform Pumps
    The platform makes them more comfortable, and these will work beyond the party too.
    Available at H&M for $29.95
  • Sparkly Black Flats 9 of 25
    Sparkly Black Flats
    Festive flats for those that eschew heels. Also in gold and silver.
    Available at Target for $13.98
  • Gold Heels 10 of 25
    Gold Heels
    I love a good metallic shoe. Don't you?
    Available at H&M for $34.95
  • Glittered Black Heels 11 of 25
    Glittered Black Heels
    Shine on, you thrifty diamond.
    Available at Target for $32.99
  • Sequined Clutches 12 of 25
    Sequined Clutches
    A great special occasion staple, in your choice of black, gold, or navy blue.
    Available at Forever 21 for $19.80
  • Polka Dot Clutch 13 of 25
    Polka Dot Clutch
    Just adorable.
    Available at Payless for $9.99
  • Sequined Heart Minaudiere 14 of 25
    Sequined Heart Minaudiere
    That's fancy and French for "cute little shaped clutch." This one also comes in gold.
    Available at Forever 21 for $21.80
  • Art Deco Drop Earrings 15 of 25
    Art Deco Drop Earrings
    Understated and chic.
    Available at Forever 21 for $4.76
  • Giant Flower Ring 16 of 25
    Giant Flower Ring
    This ain't no dainty bloom.
    Available at Express for $20.94
  • Green Teardrop Earrings 17 of 25
    Green Teardrop Earrings
    These are pretty, but versatile enough to find their way into your everyday wardrobe too.
    Available at ModCloth for $9.99
  • Chiffon Bangle Sets 18 of 25
    Chiffon Bangle Sets
    A set of nine bracelets in your choice of colors gives you plenty of options to dress up your look.
    Available at Forever 21 for $8.80
  • Striped Earrings 19 of 25
    Striped Earrings
    'Cause baby, you're a firework. (I mean, don't these look like fireworks?)
    Available at Forever 21 for $4.06
  • Long, Simple Necklace 20 of 25
    Long, Simple Necklace
    With some sparkle, of course.
    Available at Forever 21 for $3.80
  • Lace and Chiffon Dress 21 of 25
    Lace and Chiffon Dress
    So pretty, so feminine, so my style.
    Available at Piperlime for $34.99
  • Beaded Mesh Dress 22 of 25
    Beaded Mesh Dress
    It's rare to find such an intricately detailed dress at such a fantastic price.
    Available at H&M for $49.95
  • Bow Shoulder Dress 23 of 25
    Bow Shoulder Dress
    The coral is so pretty, as is that bow detail.
    Available at Piperlime for $49.99
  • Beaded Chiffon Dress 24 of 25
    Beaded Chiffon Dress
    Such a steal!
    Available at H&M for $14.95
  • Peplum Dress 25 of 25
    Peplum Dress
    Bold color, a peplum detail, and polka dot sleeves… why not?
    Available at ModCloth for $39.99

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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