7 Really Good-Looking Trash Cans

Put a lid on it! And maybe a kick-pedal too, while you’re at it.

I’ve just moved into a new home, and I left our garbage can behind at the old place. Garbage is far from glamorous (probably as far as you can get), but it’s something that we all have to deal with, so I’m looking for the best way to manage it. I want it to be well-built, attractive, and functional. It’s ridiculous how much time I’ve put into finding a suitable new trash can, honestly! Here are five of the best options out there.

  • 7 Really Good-Looking Trash Cans 1 of 8
    7 Really Good-Looking TrashCans

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  • Wesco Kickboy 2 of 8
    Wesco Kickboy

    This  is the same one seen in the previous photo from Crate & Barrel. It has a huge 10.6 gallon capacity, but the sleek style keeps it from looking to hulkingly large. Kicky!

    Available at Crate & Barrel for $230.

  • SimpleHuman Trash and Recycling Sorter 3 of 8
    SimpleHuman Trash and Recycling Sorter

    This is the trash can we just left behind. It's a great size and fits at the end of a counter nicely, and the combination of trash and recycling in one bin is handy. That right side is pretty small though.

    Available at Amazon for $175.

  • SimpleHuman Trash Can 4 of 8
    SimpleHuman Trash Can

    SimpleHuman always makes really great simple trash cans, too. If you don't need the sorter, this is a great option.

    Available at Amazon for $140.

  • Brendan Ravenhill Dustbin 5 of 8
    Brendan Ravenhill Dustbin

    This is a brilliant way to store the dustbin. You're going to empty it into the trash anyway, why not make it a part of the receptacle?

    Available at west elm, also in white or black, $149-199

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Step Trash Can 6 of 8
    Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Step Trash Can

    I figure anything that's made to handle biohazards can handle whatever my kitchen dishes up, so this is the winner for me. I'm going to line up two of the white 12-gallon trash cans — one for regular garbage and one for recycling.

    Available in 3 sizes, red or white, from Amazon, $106-153

  • Polder Trash Can 7 of 8
    Polder Trash Can

    This is a nice, simple design to consider if you don't need a top. It holds a respectable 7 gallons, but would still probably tuck away inside a cabinet if needed.

    Available at Crate & Barrel for $24.95

  • Knodd Trash Bin w/ Lid 8 of 8
    Knodd Trash Bin with Lid

    Ask anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street, and they'll recognize this as the standard trash can design we all know and love from Oscar the Grouch. Except this one's available in not only galvanized steel, but also a cute black or white.

    Available at IKEA for $24.99.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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