5 Things You Have to Know About Xbox Kinect – What Are the Reviews Saying?


When a hot new product is about the hit the shelves that is a lot of hoopla and anticipation about this brand new toy. But three of the big questions that comes to most people mind are 1) do I need it 2) do I really want it and 3) how much does it cost.  Here are five things about Xbox Kinect to help you decide if you really need to rush out to get one for you and your kids.

1)   The big selling point of the Kinect is that you don’t use a controller. Your body is the what triggers the game play. A very cool aspect that if you’ve been the victim of wayward game controllers or gotten the dreaded game playing hand cramp comes as a refreshing change.

2)   One of the draw backs of the camera that tracks your movements is that it doesn’t work that great in low light situations, the camera needs to have some amount of light to be able to see your motions.

3)   Yes, the Kinect listens to you. It has a voice activation aspect but if you have too much sound in the room like a party or loud music, it won’t be able to make out your voice in the din.

4)   Do you have room for Kinect? Yes, the camera is slim and thin, but it’s not space for the equipment that you need to be concerned with but rather space enough for your body to move, jump, spin, wiggle and step. You need about seven square feet to be able to navigate the game play. And if you live in tight quarters, this might be an issue.

5)   Price. For many this is one of the main factors. So how much does the Kinect cost?  If you already have the Xbox 360 then you’ll just need to get the Kinect Sensor which comes with the Kinect Adventures Video Game for $149.99. (you can buy here). If you don’t have the Xbox 360, you can buy a Xbox 360 bundle from $299.99 (for 4GB) or $399.99 (for 250GB)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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