5 Tips for Making On-The-Go Time With Baby Easier

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I may be pretty new to this mom gig but since I go to Target a minimum of three times a week, I know a thing or two about being on-the-go with a baby. While every once in a while things are a bit rocky, mostly trips go very smoothly. Here are five tips I’ve learned for keeping baby safe and happy when you have a load of errands to run:

1. Leave on your errand promptly after nap and feeding time. This is when the baby is obviously most content and hopefully you can get back home before the next wave of tiredness hits.
2. Always make sure the car seat straps are adjusted properly so the baby isn’t uncomfortable and more importantly, so they are safe.
3. If you’re running several errands, take the baby out of the car seat for some of the stops and have them in a baby carrier. It’s airing out time so they don’t get bored and stuffy.
4. Always pack supplies and assume you’ll be longer than you plan. That way in case something unexpected does come up, you’re prepared not scrambling.
5. Know when it’s time to throw in the towel. If you sense your baby is getting worn out but you still have a few more stops, maybe try and postpone them for later so they can have a solid nap at home.

Do you have more tips to share?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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