5 Wackiest Work Places in the World

Believe it or not, there are workplaces beyond the cubicle.

Here are some of the wackiest work places that can only spark creativity and ingenuity:

  • Bastard Store and Office by Studiometrico 1 of 5
    Bastard Store and Office by Studiometrico
    The employees at this IT specialist/office supply store relieve their stress with an indoor skate park, directly above their open-to-the-public retail store in Italy.
  • Hidden Log Cabin Office 2 of 5
    Hidden Log Cabin Office
    Composer Hans Liberg uses this serene cabin in the woods as a recording studio in the Netherlands. I imagine the commute is a breeze.
  • Cave Office and Data Center 3 of 5
    Cave Office and Data Center
    A Swedish Internet service provider uses this atomic bomb shelter (built under the streets of Stockholm) as a data center.
  • OfficePOD Prefab Office 4 of 5
    OfficePOD Prefab Office
    My fellow work-from-home parents can join me in dreaming about this prefab single-occupant office system that can be put virtually anywhere.
  • Selgas Cano Architecture Office 5 of 5
    Selgas Cano Architecture Office
    This Spanish architecture firm built their modern-looking offices in the middle of the woods, with panoramic views of the nature surrounding them.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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