5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Music

I have to admit, getting my son excited about music hasn’t really been a top priority as a parent the last few years (I can barely get his hygiene and nutrition to a socially acceptable level) but I’ve really started to change my ways! Here are 5 tips I’ve found that will get your kids excited and loving music…

1. Lots and lots of dance parties! When it’s that wild after dinner time, it’s a great way to get kids energy out and pump up some fun tunes. They’re fun for everyone and kids will love seeing you go wild with your dance moves you’ve been secretly working on since 4th grade.

2. A good kids music mix. It doesn’t take a long time to make one. I just made one a while ago on my Spotify account, pulling in songs from Raffi and They Might be Giants; and we use it all the time- in the car, while we’re cleaning up, during art projects. Henry will start singing along sporadically!

3.  Kid instruments. We don’t have many but the ones we have Henry loves! When your kids has been playing with instruments for a while start to play classic music and see if you can call out any instruments you hear. Kids love being able to identify them! I love the ones from Land of Nod (above set).

4. A great portable sound system. So I know this sounds silly, but without great sound it’s just not fun or convenient to play music around the house.

5. Help kids make up songs! They looove it. Try changing the words to songs they might already know to make them extra silly and then let them have a turn at it too (we love banana phone by Raffi around here!)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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